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It's a Gas: Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

1: Sleepy LaBeef:| BOOGIE at The Wayside Lounge:| Nothin But The Truth 3:10pm
2: Elroy Dietzel & The Rhythm Bandits:|Rocking Bones:| St.Etienne Presents
3: Sharna Mae & The Mayhem’s:| Love Drunk:| 21st.Century Rockabilly
4: Cliffie Stone:| Barracuda:| Capitol Rockabilly 5:| Wildfire Willie:| It Was You:| Rockabilly Heaven
6: Wayne Hancock:| Juke Joint Jumping:| Swing Time(Live) 3:25pm
7: Trixie Smith:| Jack I’m Mellow:|Reefer Madness
8: Roy Brown:| Cadillac Baby:| Battle Of The Blues
9: Cliffie Stone:| Jump Rope Boogie:| Capitol Rockabilly
10: Sure Shots:| Servant Of Love:| Rockabilly Heaven
11: Wynonie Harris:| Bloodshot Eyes:| Battle Of The Blues 3:40pm
12: The Bullets:| Ex Hex:| 21st. century Rockabilly
13: Skeets McDonald:| You Oughta See Grandma Rock:| A Capitol Rockabilly
14: The Hicksville Bombers:| Shuffle Home Boogie:| 21st.Century Rockabilly
15: Dark Circus:| Thirty Seconds:| 21st.Century Rockabilly
16: The Retrobaits:|Your Squeezes Don’t Leave Me:| 21st. Century Rockabilly 3:55pm
17: Bill Fadden & The Silvertone Flyers:| Hot Rod V8 Rumble:| 21st Century...
18: Jack Rabbit Slim:| High Tone Woman:| 21st Century Rockabilly
19: The Cheatersticks:| Dragstrip Party:| 21st. Century Rockabilly
20: Jack Rabbit Slim:| Devil Doll:| 21st.Century Rockabilly
21: Joe Ely:| The Road Goes On Forever:| Live At Antoine’s
22: John Hiatt:| Fireball Roberts:| The Open Road 4:17pm
22: Jimmy Wages:| Miss Pearl:| Rockin’ Bones Box Set Rhino
23: BR-549:| Little Ramona’s Gone Hillbilly Nuts:| 24:| The Lonesome Drifter:| Eager Boy:| Born To Be Wild
25: Johnny Powers:| Long Blonde Hair,Ruby Red Lips:| Rockin’ Bones
26: Buck Owens:| Will There Be Big Rigs In Heaven:| Rig Rock De-Luxe
27: BR5-49: | 18 Wheels And A Crowbar:| American Songbook 4:40pm
28: Junior Brown:| Semi-Crazy:| Semi Crazy
29: Gene O’Quinn:| Pinball Millionaire:| Born To Be Wild
30: Joe Ely:| Billy The Kid:| Live @ Antoine’s 4:50pm
31: Billy Briggs:| Chew Tobacco Rag:| Born To Be Wild
32: Sonny Boy Williams:| Pontiac Blues:| Hot Rods & Custom Classics
33: Junior Brown:| Hillbilly Hot Rod Man:| Down Home Chromium
End: Thank You For Listening

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