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Southern Style: Tuesday, 24 April 2018

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Southern Style 24/4/18

Paul Kelly & Uncle Bill; historic Flatt & Scruggs recordings.

1. Bluegrass Diamonds/going back home/The tool box
2. Black Mountain Bluegrass Boys/Limehouse Blues/Live at the Opera House
3. Colebrook Road/Oh my love/Halfway between
4. Hayseed Dixie/Feel like making love/Let there be rockgrass
5. Roger Howell/needle case/Blue Ridge mountain music: Old time banjo
6. The Prairie Acre/Rye straw/Jaybird & The Sparrow Hawk
7. Whitetop Mountain Band/going around this world baby mine/Echoes of the Blue Ridge

Paul Kelly
Excerpts of interview by Ed Nimmervol regarding the 1999 release “Smoke” which was a collaboration with Gerry Hale’s Uncle Bill, interspersed with following tracks -
8. Paul Kelly & Uncle Bill/Sydney from a 747/Smoke (EMI)
9. Paul Kelly & Uncle Bill/Night after night/Smoke (EMI)
10. Paul Kelly & Uncle Bill/Our sunshine/Smoke (EMI)
11. Paul Kelly & Uncle Bill/You can’t take it with you/Smoke (EMI)
12. Paul Kelly & Uncle Bill/Gathering storm/Smoke (EMI)
13. Gerry Hale’s Uncle Bill/40 miles to Saturday night/Special Treatment

14. Wayne Toups, Steve Riley & Wilson Savoy/Courtbouillon/Best of Valcour 2006-2011
15. Pine Leaf Boys/Two step des festivals acadiens/Homage au passe

16. Flatt & Scruggs/Have you come to say goodbye?/Radio Gems
17. Flatt & Scruggs/give me the flowers while I’m living/Radio Gems

18. Bing Brothers band featuring Jake Krack on fiddle/Katy Hill/Live from Pocahontas County
19. Flatt & Scruggs/the family who prays/Radio Gems
20. Flatt & Scruggs/Brother I’m getting ready to go/Radio Gems
21. Flatt & Scruggs/Get in line brother/Radio Gems
22. Whitetop Mountain Band/Where the soul never dies/Echoes of the Blue Ridge
23. The Whitetop Mountaineers/Just a friend/Go away with me
24. Dick Kimmel/West Fork gals/Fishing Creek Blues (CC)
25. Giles Mountain String Band/Dinah/Blue Ridge
26. Bayou Brothers/My Creole Belle/Resurrected
27. Bayou Brothers/Midnight special/Resurrected
28. Valerie Smith/alone in the still of the night/For the long haul:Songs for the open road Vol. 1
29. Chris Jones/Diesel Smoke on danger road/For the long haul:Songs for the open road Vol. 1
30. Ray Legere & Roger Williams/let old mother nature have her way/River of no return (SC)
31. Back-Step/Fishers hornpipe/Hell amongst the roundpeakers


Southern Style for Tuesday, 24 April 2018

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Paul Kelly interview re. his 1999 collaboration with Gerry Hale's Uncle Bill; segment on historical Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs radio broadcasts

In 1999 Paul Kelly with Bluegrass band Uncle Bill released the CD "Smoke." Ed Nimmervol conducted an extended interview with Kelly which was released for radio play. After all this time I have decided to revisit this and play an edited version along with some of the music discussed.
Later in the show I will be featuring several historically important recordings of Flatt & Scruggs performing live on radio in 1954 and 1957 and subsequently released on CD.

Jan Dale

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