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Southern Style: Tuesday, 13 March 2018

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Southern Style 13/3/18

1. Travis Frye & Blue Mountain/Grass Fire/Living in a moment
2. The Blue Grass Review/ysterday I didn’t know/Down in Caroline
3. The new Kentucky Grass/Pullin’ wire/Too broken to mend
4. Texas Winds/keep a memory/Going Home (HH)
5. Sean Watkins/the ant and the ant/Let it fall

6. Roger Cooper/snakewinder
7. The Reel World String Band/Whiskey before breakfast
8. Lee Sexton/Shady Grove
all - Live from the Old Capitol Stage Vol. 1.

9. The Brothers Comatose/Brothers/City painted gold
10. The Brothers Comatose/Angeline/City painted gold
11. Dr. Stovepipe/Right key, wrong keyhole/Hip Tonic
12. The Virginian Ramblers/Movin’ on/The Virginian Ramblers
13. The Virginian Ramblers/Hey, hey, hey/The Virginian Ramblers
14. Burnett Family Bluegrass/My sweet love ain’t around/Bend the wind
15. Wade Mainer/Short life and its trouble/The North Carolina Banjo Collection (Rounder)
16. The Monroe Brothers/on some foggy mountain top/Monroe Brothers Vol. 1:What would you give in exchange for your soul?
17. The Monroe Brothers/new river train/Monroe Brothers Vol. 1:What would you give in exchange for your soul?(Rounder)
18. The Monroe Brothers/We read of a place that’s called Heaven/Vol. 2:Just a song of old Kentucky (Rounder)
19. Alice Gerrard/Long lonesome way/Calling me home: Songs of love & loss (CC)
20. April Verch/Nearer my God to thee/Fiddleicious
21. Dry Branch Fire Squad/Heaven’s light is shining on me/The Gospel Way
22. Johnny Warren & Charlie Cushman/Little Paul/A tribute to Fiddlin’ Paul Warren
23. Bluegrass Patriots/Sparklin’ brown eyes/Springtime in the Rockies (CC)
24. Cajun Roux/la dance Carre/Gumbo
25. Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys/Indien sur le chicot/Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys
26. Becky Buller/John D. Champion/Crepe Paper Heart (Dark Shadow)
27. The Piedmont Melody Makers/I’ll be there/Wonderful world outside
28. The Piedmont Melody Makers/Six more miles/Wonderful world outside
29. Lonesome River Band/Struttin’ to Ferrum/No turning back (RR)
30. Cole brook Road/Feel the burn/Halfway Between
31. Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys/High Point Two-Step/Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys

Jan Dale

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