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Southern Style: Tuesday, 31 October 2017

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Southern Style 31/10/17

1. Dan Menzone/Menzone Drive/Menzone Drive
2. Sierra Hull/Bombshell/Daybreak (Rounder)
3. Elizabeth Long/Crazy Creek/Me and my fiddle
4. Rebekah Long/Fishin’ on the Cumberland/Run away
5. Junior Sisk & Ramblers choice/what a way to do/The mountains are calling me home (Mt. Fev)
6. Junior Sisk & Ramblers choice/It’s so cold/The mountains are calling me home (Mt. Fev)

7. The Skillet Lickers/Rocky Pallet
8. The Skillet Lickers/Soldiers Joy
9. The Skillet Lickers/Sal’s gone to the cider mill
- All - Old-Time fiddle tunes & songs from North Georgia (County)

10. Sierra Hull/Best buy/Daybreak (Rounder)
11. The Maloy Brothers/China Boy/Time will tell (Patuxent)
12. Chris Jones & The Nightdrivers/Some leaving’ too/Follow your heart (Reb)
13. Sally Jones/Blue tonight/Love hurts (Pine)
14. Darin & Brooke Aldridge/That’s just me lovin’ you/So much in between (Mt. Home)
15. Roy Bookbinder/Friend like me/Bookeroo (Rounder)
16. Nick Charles/Careless love/Into the blues (BMM)
17. JG & Jerry Wayne Britt/Missouri Waltz/The North Carolina Banjo Collection (Rounder)
18. David Parmley, Scott Vestal & Continental Divide/I’m bound to ride/David Parmley, Scott Vestal & Continental Divide
19. Good Ol’ Persons/Blue Night/Good n’ Live (Sugar Hill)
20. Summer Brooke & The Mountain Faith Band/Perfect Day/Small Town Life (Mt. Fever)
21. Louver Brothers/born again/Live at New River Ranch (CC)
22. Trisha Gagnon/All I want to do/A story about you and me
23. Blue Highway/Hallelujah/Original Traition (Rounder)
24. The Brombies/Little bitty piece of God/Live! At the Spitting Llamas Bluegrass bar
25. Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice/darling do you know who loves you/The mountains are calling me home (Mt. Fever)
26. The Carolina Chocolate Drops/Another man done gone/Heritage
27. The Skillet Lickers/Ride old buck to water/Old-Time fiddle tunes & songs from North Georgia (County)
28. Mike Auldridge/Red Top/8 String Swing (SH)
29. Eddie Adcock/Blowing Bubbles/Vintage banjo jam (Patux)
30. Eddie Pennington/Pig ankle rag/Walks the strings…..and even sings (Smithsonian)


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