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Space is the Place

Space Is The Place - Moses & Lewis
Presented by Moses Iten & Lewis Cancut
This programme has been archived.

Exploration of quality music & grooves from ALL regions of the globe.

Host Saca La Mois DJ!! (a.k.a. Moses Iten) is an internationally known DJ and producer of the Cumbia Cosmonauts and The Swiss Conspiracy, obsessed with Cumbia and other constantly evolving Tropical Bass / Ghettotech styles such as Dancehall, Baile Funk, Moombahton, Kuduro, Congotronics, Champeta, UK Bass and yet-to-be-defined directions in club sounds.

Host Lewis CanCut (a.k.a Lewis Gittus) is an internationally respected producer whose large back catalog has been released on labels such as Mad Decent, Main Course, Enchufada, Cocobass and of course his own label Scattermusic. Not only a producer but also a busy DJ, every week Lewis can be found in Melbourne's clubs throwing down the latest percussive and bass heavy sounds from around the world.

With focus on keeping away from the usual bog standard dancefloor fodder, on PBS you can expect to hear Moses and Lewis selecting only the best from their vast crates of vinyl and digital music - shedding light on the countless regional styles and sub genres from all over the globe. Think Angolan techno meets Colombian folktronica meets Syrian dance pop meets Russian moombahton and you'll start to get the idea.

Space is the Place features regular guest DJs, focusing to expose Melbourne to unreleased and undefined new sounds sourced straight from producers and labels around the world.

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