Shaggin' The Night Away

Carolina beach music
Big Ian Sutherland
Wed 2:00am

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Shaggin' The Night Away

Big Ian Sutherland

Carolina Beach Music is a unique blend of R&B, soul & jazz with influences from the caribbean & the Gulf. which has developed over the last 60 years. Think Northern Soul, but from the '40s to the present & you're pretty close. It attracts huge audiences in the south-east usa and a radio network (rhythm & beach) only plays the music. The most common dance is called the shag & it's the official state dance of South Carolina.

To sum it up, it's goodtime music for socialising & dancing (isn't all great music?)

A cold drink, a warm night & a hot date (+ the right music). That’s what life is all about.

facebook: ian sutherland

Charter Member: Beach Music & Shag Preservation Society of South Carolina.
Member: Carolina Beach Music Academy
Winner: CBMA Industry Appreciation Award (CAMMY) 2014