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Beasts Of Bourbon special!

Junkyard for Thursday 14 February 2019

The Beasts.jpg

This week on Junkyard, we'll be featuring The Beasts of Bourbon, they are just about to release a brand new album under the name "The Beasts", the album is called Still Here. Founding members Tex Perkins, Kim Salmon and Boris Sujdovic, together with longtime members Tony Pola and Charlie Owen went into the studio to record one more album ‘Still Here’. Brian Hooper’s illness kept him from the sessions and Spencer P. Jones only made it in for one song, both of them tragically passed away recently. Brian’s song ‘What The Hell Was I Thinking’ is included on the new record. There are also covers of Frank Zappa’s ‘The Torture Never Stops’ and Warren Zevon’s ‘My Shit’s Fucked Up’. We'll be discussing their musical history as well as playing tracks from all of their albums, should be good, looking forward to it!

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