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QUILTBAGing the Sound Barrier with Miranda Hill (and more!)

The Sound Barrier for Sunday 27 January 2019

Like all good traditions, my yearly catch-up with the marvellous Miranda Hill is happening again this weekend on The Sound Barrier as she comes in to talk about that fabulous event on Melbourne's musical calendar, the yearly celebration of new music by queer composers, Homophonic!, now a regular feature of Melbourne's Midsumma Festival.

Homophonic! is always a sensational showcase of QUILTBAG (Queer, Intersex, Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual, Assexual, Gay) music and this year's gig, with its wide array of international and local composers, and its huge body of some of the best new music artists, promises to be no exception.

My chats with Miranda are always one of the best bits of the year - we get to talk about great music, listen to some of it, and reflect on the huge contributions that the QUILTBAG community has made, and continues to make, to new music. Along with all this chatting, there will be music from some of the composers featured in this year's Homophonic!, giving you just a glimpse of the vitality and variety that you can expect at this year's show - now in its eighth year.

This year I will also be joined for part of the programme by Melbourne composer Evan Lawson, whose new ballet-opera Orpheus will also be part of the Midsumma festivities, as well as listening to some of his music that will be incorporated into this major new work of Australia music theatre.

Make sure you join in, by radio, or online, this Sunday night at 10.00 PM (AEDT), or listen back afterwards, as Miranda Hill and I once again QUILTBAG The Sound Barrier!

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