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Tilde and a Tower of Babel - this weekend on The Sound Barrier!

The Sound Barrier for Sunday 13 January 2019

It is always a good thing to see new music expanding in Australia and this week marks the beginning of Melbourne's fifth Tilde~ New Music and Sound Art, now grown into a week-long combination of academy, concerts, and festival, workshopping and showcasing new music from both local and international artists, produced in collaboration with Monash University's School of Music.

Tilde's Artistic Director and Manager, Vincent Giles will be joining me on the show on Sunday to talk about this year's week of events, and the importance of an initiative such as this in promoting and enabling new innovation in music in a part of the world that still relegates even some of the most brilliant inventiveness to the fringe.

Just to show the breadth of music that Tilde encompasses, I'll be presenting music from two of this year's participants: the sound art of Tilde's Artist-in-Residence, ecology-exploring composer Naima Fine, and self-described Science Fiction composer, often associated with schools such as new complexity and modernism (despite his repudiation of the label), Chris Dench.

To complement the diversity of invention in new music that is so much at the core of Tilde, I will be bringing you, as this week's major work, the complete Une tour de Babel by seminal champion of musique concrète, Pierre Henry – his sonically graphic metaphor on the ambiguity of unity and the inevitability of difference, composed in 1998. As in the last few shows, I'll be presenting a reasonably detailed explanation of the piece as well.

I hope you can join me this Sunday night at 10.00 PM (AEDT) as The Sound Barrier celebrates Tilde and the diversity, experimentation, and innovation that it fosters. You can listen live both on radio and online, as well as afterwards to the audio archive.

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