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Rococo Moon Surfer

Tales From The Other Side : Playlist for Monday 19 November 2018

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Erik Satin / Dreaming Of A Huge Reverb / Light Music

Terje Rypdal / Electric Fantasy / Terje Rypdal

Janek Schaefer / Round In Circles / What Light There Is Tells Us Nothing

Head Boggle / Harpsichord Rococo / Headboggle

Signals / Illuminator And Icebreaker (Excerpt) / Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music: Volume II 1974 – 1983

Little Songs Of The Mutilated / So Green From Licking Psychoactive Toads And Frosting Off The Lips Of The Universe, Expanding; Sneakily, Funkily / An Obsequious Cat Warps Softly Into The Little Songs Of The Mutilated

Little Songs Of The Mutilated / At A Glance, I Broke Down At Your Expense. Zephyrs Only Mourn The Trigger Happy Siderophobic / An Obsequious Cat Warps Softly Into The Little Songs Of The Mutilated

Hans-Joachim Roedelius / Geradewohl / Selbstportrait III - Reise Durch Arcadien

Harald Grosskopf / So Weit, So Gut / Synthesist

Haruomi Hosono/Tadanori Yokoo / Hotel Malabar Upper Floor …Moving Triangle… / Cochin Moon

Sconce / Succulent Garden / The Dead Sea And Sima Humboldt

Doug Hream Blunt / Break Free / Gentle Persuasion

Victor / Amerikan Dread (Androo Dub Remix) / Amerikan Dread

Mo Kolours / Axum / Axum

Dices + AEM Rhythm Cascade / Square Fauna / Thoughtstream

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith / Abstractions / Electronic Series Vol. 1: Abstractions

Terekke / Wav1 / Improvisational Loops

KATE NV / зря SEE / для FOR

O Yuki Conjugate / Flute Cloud / Scene In Mirage/Soundtracks

Haruomi Hosono & Miharu Koshi / Voo Doo Surfer / Swing Slow



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