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Southern Style : Playlist for Tuesday 6 November 2018

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

1.  The Bartley Brothers/Big Mon/Rural Rhythm Records tribute to Bill Monroe - live at Bean Blossom
2.  Jim Mills/Sledd Rivin’/My Dixie Home
3.  Burn it Blue/Sugarloaf/Standoff
4.  Michelle Canning/I’ll come running to you/The next eleven miles

5.  Montgomery Church/I’m gonna love her all the time/In the shadow of the mountain

6. John Boothroyd live to air performance

7. Rick Thum & Friends/Forked Deer/A reason to dance.
8. The Konnarock Critters/Cindy/Time Stands Still

9. Grandpa Jones/Eight More Miles To Louisville/ An American Original CMH)
10. Buster Carter & Preston Young/I'll Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms/ Walter Smith & Friends, Vol 3

11. Rudi Epstein & friends/Cornerstone/Carolina Chimes
12  The Highland Travelers/Kentucky Gambler/The Highland Travelers (Mt. Fever)
13.  Dolly Parton/Cash on the Barrelhead/The grass is blue (SH)

14.  Bill Browning/Dark Hollow/Island (45rpm)
15. Emry Arthur/I’m A Man of Constant Sorrow/I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow(Old Homestead)

16. Weekly feature - The Two Poor Boys/Two white horses in a line/The Best Country Blues you’ve never heard(Rough Guide)

17. Skyline Bluegrass Express/I’m nearer my home/Heartland Sampler (Heartland Rec)
18. Appalachian Trail/Where the soul of man never dies/The church where nobody goes
19. The HillWilliams/Little community church/A beautiful life

20. Joe Bonsall & The Orange Playboys/hip et taiaut/Cajun Jamboree
21. Joe Bonsall & The Orange Playboys/Grand Prairie waltz/Cajun Jamboree

22. Blue Ridge Broadcasters/Salt River/Blue Ridge Broadcasters
23. Leslie Keith/ Black Mountain Blues/Black Mountain Blues
24. Ola Belle Reed/ High On A Mountain/Ola Belle Reed1. 
24. Orange Blossom Special/Rouse Brothers/The Essential Guide To Bluegrass, Vol 1

25. Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys/My window faces the south/Famous Country Music Makers(Castle)

26. Cane Mill Road/Hydraplant/Gap to Gap (Mt. Fever)
27. Tim Smith/St. Anne’s Reel/The Lonesome Blueridge

Jan Dale

Southern Style for Tuesday, 6 November 2018

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