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Southern Style for Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Southern Style : Program Audio for Tuesday 23 October 2018

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Southern Style : Playlist for Tuesday, 23 October 2018

new Blue Sky Boys release. Guest: Evan Webb, President, ABOTMA

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Southern Style 23/10/18 - new Blue Sky Boys release

1. Rich in Tradition/Prillman’s Switch/Black Mountain Special (Patuxent)
2. Kathy Kallick/Old time’s sake/Call me a taxi (SH)
3. The High 45s/Up north/Up North
4. Muddy Marsh Ramblers/Roscoe/High Water Hobo
5. Rae Stefanini/Ladies Fancy/Ladies Fancy (County0
6. Marni Sheehan & Mark Smith/Diddy Wah Diddy/A crazy dream
7. Fret Knot/Designated Driver/Colorado Bluegrass Music Society 2003 compilation
8. The Stanleytones/Colorado Bluegrass Music Society 2003 compilation
9. Jeff Scroggins & Colorado/Redwood Hill/Western Branches
10. The Pipis/Stripes/With a spade

guest: Evan Webb, President, Australasian Bluegrass & Old Time Music Association

11. Bluegrass Parkway/Bluegrass Express/A girl from the south
12. Lorraine Jordan & Carolina/True Grass/True Grass again
13. The Church Sisters/I feel the blues moving in/The Crooked Road’s Mountains of Music Homecoming
14. The Jacob’s Ferry Stragglers/Poison River
15. Marce Lacouture/tite anna/La joi Cadienne
16. The Bristol Brothers/The voice of my Lord/Cornbread Willie

17. The Blue Sky Boys/Turn your radio on/1939-1949 Radio Broadcasts (Patuxent)
18. The Blue Sky Boys/Only one step more/1939-1949 Radio Broadcasts (Patuxent)
19. The Blue Sky Boys/Intro/theme(Are you from Dixie)/1939-1949 Radio Broadcasts (Patuxent)
20. The Blue Sky Boys/Will you miss me when I’m gone?/1939-1949 Radio Broadcasts (Patuxent)
21. The Blue Sky Boys/Down home Rag/1939-1949 Radio Broadcasts (Patuxent)
22. The Blue Sky Boys/Roll on Buddy/1939-1949 Radio Broadcasts (Patuxent)
23. The Blue Sky Boys/No place to pillow my head/1939-1949 Radio Broadcasts (Patuxent)

24. The Bristol Brothers/Sugar in the gourd/Cornbread Willie
25. Hillbilly Gypsies/Bile ‘em cabbage/One foot in the gravy




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