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Burning Bitumen : Playlist for Saturday 13 October 2018

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Anthrax | In My World | Persistence of Time

Dee Snider | i Am the Hurricane | For the Love of Metal
Stälker | Satanic Panic | Shadow of the Sword
Carpathian Forest | All My Friends are Dead | Likiem

Hirax | Unleash the Dogs of War(Open the Gates) | The New Age of Terror
Slayer | Silent Scream | South of Heaven
Abu Ghraib | Dead People Talking | The Torture Demos
Battlegrave | Betray Your Beliefs | Relics of a Dead Earth

Evil | Hell's Evil Bells | The gate of Hell
Vanik | Heresy Undertow | II Dark Season
Vreid | One Hundred Years | Lifehunger

Dimmu Borgir | Stormblast | Stormblast
Mantar | Age of the Absurd | The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze
Immortal | Where Mountains Rise | Northern Chaos Gods

Behemoth | We Are the Next 1000 Years | I loved You at Your Darkest
Goathammer | Invoking the Sadistic Spirits | Ceremony Of Morbid Destruction
Blasphemy | War Command | Blood Upon the Altar

Wood of Suicides | Wood's End | Wood's End

Conan | Vexxagon | Existential Void Guardian
Black Tusk | Ghosts Roam | TCBT
High on Fire | Electric Messiah | Electric Messiah

Unleashed | Lead Us Into War | The Hunt For White Christ

Burning Bitumen for Saturday, 13 October 2018

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