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Southern Style : Playlist for Tuesday 18 September 2018

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Hamilton County Bluegrass Band/Uncle Pen
Kristy Cox/I'm not gonna sing the blues
Acoustic Shock/Don't let your deal go down
Appalachian heaven/Elzic's farewell
The Bug Swatters/Dear companion
Alex Burns & Nick Charles/Ragtime boogie
The Kissin Cousins/Love is gone
Eddie Nuardo/just because I'm leaving
Chris Duffy/Dill pickle rag/Black & White Rag
Hot Diggity/Low lonesome wind
The Cherry Pickers/If you leave me can I come too
Andrew Clermont & Parris Macleod/Reeling in the big one
Peter Somerville/Wintersweet
Mama's Mountain Jug Band/smoke, smoke that cigarette
Highroad Strangers/Fishing blues
John Flanagan Trio/Something to complain about
Slim Dime/Lay down my old guitar
The Hobart Smiths/The River of Jordan
Karen Williams/Lord lift me up
The HillWilliams/Farther on
The Hannafords/Hard times come again no more
The Pipi Pickers/I call it gone
The Alley Cats/Panhandle Rag
Greg Champion/This body's gonna wear out
The Lawnmowers/Down the road
The Collingwood Casinovas/Something F*cking Breakdown
LeBlanc Bros. Cajun Band/Grand Texas
Graeme Fletcher/Angeline the baker/Soldier's Joy
Dev'lish Mary/Gimme chaw Tobaccy
Baylor Brothers/My window faces the South
The Rank Strangers/Seventh Heaven


Southern Style for Tuesday, 18 September 2018

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