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John Boothroyd Shares his Southern Style this week

Southern Style : Playlist for Tuesday 4 September 2018

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

CHRIS WARNER / Lickity Split / Goin’ To the Dance
SELDOM SCENE / Willie Roy / Act 3
KICKIN’ GRASS BAND / That’s What I Like About the South / Walk With Me
CURTIS GALGADO & ALAN HAGER / Depot Blues / Rough Cut
SLEEPY HOLLOW RANCH GANG / My Blue Ridge Mountain Home / Cowboys & Cowgirls
LOST HIGHWAY / Arrow Through My Heart / A Lifetime of Sorrow
JIMMY BOWEN & SANTA FE / I Know I Haven’t Got the Right To Love You / Some Place Far Away
DEBBIE DAVIES / That Lonesome Rave / Various: Screamin’ & Hollerin’ the Blues
BLUE SKY BOYS / This Train / Farm & Fun Time Favorites
MAGIC TRUCK STRING BAND / Carrissa’s Nightmare / Voyage of the Magic Truck
UNION SPRINGS / Nobody’s Child / Ten Past Midnight
HAZEL DICKENS & ALICE GERRARD / Mean Papa Blues / Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard
MAMOU PRAIRIE BAND / Grand Mamou / Catch My Hat
SUMMER VILLA / More Pretty Girls Than One / Home In the Heart
CAMPBELL FAMILY BAND / Lundy’s Sugar Hill / Hop Up Pretty Girls
JOHN FLANAGAN TRIO / A Place Untouched By Man / Honest Man
DURWOOD BROWN / Bring It On Down To My House Honey / Various: Wizards of Country Guitar
BILL BOYD / Must I Hesitate / Various: Wizards of Country Guitar
THE PO’ RAMBLIN’ BOYS / The Girl I Denied / Back To the Mountains
MANDO MAFIA / Lamb’s Wool Rag – Hell Up Coal Holler / Mando Liniment
LIZ MEYER / Dreams Have Endings / Womanly Arts
RON MULLENNEX / Bonaparte Crossing the Alps / Sugar In My Coffee
LOST & FOUND / Harvest Time / Classic Bluegrass
HAZEL DICKENS & ALICE GERRARD / Let That Liar Alone / Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard
LAFAYETTE RHYTHM DEVILS / Choupique Two-Step / Various: Best of the Festival of Acadiens & Creoles
OHOP VALLEY BOYS / Take Me To the Mountains / Up All Night At Chilliwack
COREY HARRIS / C.C. Pill Blues / Various: Screamin’ & Hollerin’ the Blues
HIGH FIDELITY / My Saviour’s Train / Hills & Home
TIGER MAPLE STRING BAND / Cold Rain & Snow / Dance All Night

Southern Style for Tuesday, 4 September 2018

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