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All Our Stories for Monday, 27 August 2018

All Our Stories : Program Audio for Monday 27 August 2018

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All Our Stories : Playlist for Monday, 27 August 2018

Monday August 27 - Daniel Elia

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distibutor | Comments

OKENYO | Demons | The Wave
JessB | Intro - Wildflower
JessB | Set it off | Bloom
Angel Haze | Black Dahlia | Dirty Gold

Daniel Elia | Promised Land

**Interview with Daniel Elia. More info about Alia Records and links to artists here:
Dilara | Cigerettes & Loneliness
Pania | Lotus

Krown | My People ft. Ajok | Hold The Flag
Krown | Let us Live | Hold The Flag
Kudzai | 4 Deep In The Suburbs

Ben Esser | Promises (feat. Noah Slee)
Tre Samuels | Flying without you

Oetha| Sista Girls
Indigenoise | The New Code
Thando | Happy

Miss Blanks | Clap Clap
Kween G | R E P E L
Mojo Juju | Native Tongue Reprise ft. Lay The Mystic | Native Tongue
Lay The Mystic | Glass Vacuum

La Colmena | Zapata Te Queda



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