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Southern Style for Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Southern Style : Program Audio for Tuesday 31 July 2018

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Southern Style : Playlist for Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Interview with Akira Otsuka,producer of "Epilogue: A Tribute to John Duffey"

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Southern Style 31/7/18

Special feature - Epilogue: A tribute to John Duffey with interview with producer Akira Otsuka

1. Sam Bush, Kenny Smith, Todd Phillips, Bela Fleck/Sunrise/Epilogue: A tribute to John Duffey (Smithsonian)
2. The Country Gentlemen/Handsome Molly/On the Road (and More) Smithsonian
3. The Country Gentlemen/Some old Day/Play it like it is (Reb) Vinyl.
4. The Seldom Scene/I’ve lost you/Different Roads (Reb)
5. Steve Gulley, Don Rigsby, David Parmley, Adam Steffey, Kenny Smith, Jason Moore, Sammy Shelor/Girl from the North Country/Epilogue: A tribute to John Duffey (Smithsonian)
6. Dudley Connell & John Cowan/He wa a friend of mine/Epilogue: A tribute to John Duffey (Smithsonian)
7. Akira Otsuka/First Tear/Epilogue: A tribute to John Duffey (Smithsonian) (Also the title track of Akira’s solo CD)

Interview with Akira Otsuka (live to air) musician & producer of the CD Epilogue: A tribute to John Duffey (Smithsonian)

8. Randy Waller & Lou Reid (plus other instrumentalists)/Sad & Somesome Day/Epilogue: A tribute to John Duffey (Smithsonian)
9. Amanda Smith, Kenny Smith, Alan Bartram, Adam Steffey,Nils Lofgren, Jason Moore/If that’s the way you feel/Epilogue: A tribute to John Duffey (Smithsonian)
10. The Bluegrass 45/Little Maggie/Once again from Kobe, Japan
11. The Country Gentlemen/The traveler/The Traveler (Reb) vinyl.
12. The Country Gentlemen/Raggy Mountain Shakedown/Play it like it is (Reb) vinyl.
13. The Seldom Scene/Let me be your friend/Like we used to be (SH)
14. The Dunton Sisters/I want to be loved/Singing in my heart
15. The Cluster Pluckers/Peach Pickin time in Georgia/Just pluck it
16. Carl Martin/Crow Jane/The best country blues you’ve never heard (Rough Guide)
17. Ginny Hawker & Kay Justice/Deep settled peace/Come all you tender hearted (June Appal)
18. The Seldom Scene/gospel medley/Baptising (Reb) vinyl
19. Larry Sigmon & Barbara Poole/Baby Mine/Unique sound of the mountains
20. The Country Gentlemen/Bringing Mary Home/The early Rebel Recordings 1962-71
21. John Cowan,Lou Reid, David Parmley, Shelton Feazell/Some Old Day/Epilogue: A tribute to John Duffey (Smithsonian)
22. Joe Warren Cormier/Baton Rouge Waltz/Pure Cajun (Swallow)




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