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Southern Style for Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Southern Style : Program Audio for Tuesday 24 July 2018

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Southern Style : Playlist for Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Interview with Washtub Jerry

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Southern Style 24/7/18

1. Liberty Bluegrass Boys/smoke along the track/Keepin pace
2. Liberty Bluegrass Boys/Loving you too well/Keepin pace
3. Earl Taylor & Jim McCall with Stoney Mountain Boys/Washington Lee Swing/24 Bluegrass Favorites (RR)
4. Jim Smoak/Am I Blue/The Orange Blossom Special/
5. Jim Smoak/Smoke House Jam/The Orange Blossom Special
6. The Cluster Pluckers/Nakasaki/Just Pluck It
7. Sam Bush, Kenny Smith, Todd Phillips, Bela Fleck/Sunrise/Epilogue: A Tribute to John Duffey (Smithsonian)
8. Uncle Jimmy Thompson/Lynchburg/The Early Stars of the Grand Ol Opry (Catfish)
9. DeFord Bailey/Ice WaterBlues/The Early Stars of the Grand Ol Opry (Catfish)
10. Dr. Humphrey Bates & His Possum Tamers/Billy in the low ground/The Early Stars of the Grand Ol Opry (Catfish)
11. Ann & Chris Hirsch/Can’t you hear me calling/Pecos Wind
12. The Pipis/Rain in Durango/With a space

13. Washtub Jerry Interview
14. Cajun Cowboys (Washtub Jerry & Bruce Newman)/Four wheel horse/Cajun Cowboys
15. Bill Chappell & Washtub Jerry/I never could make it rain/Scorpio Man
16. Cajun Cowboys (Washtub Jerry & Bruce Newman)/Dance Floor Dog/Cajun Cowboys

17. Chris Silver/down in the valley/Souls & Spirits
18. Olivia Smiley & Main Street/Mountain Laurel/Bright Lights & Avenues
19. Willard Gayheart & Bobby Patterson/Repetition Blues
20. Little Hat Jones/Kentucky Blues/The Best Country Blues you’ve never heard (Rough Guide)
21. Jim Wood & John Hartford/The cat came back/The Bullies have all gone to rest
22. Bill Monroe/When He reached down His hand for me/Live Recordings 1956-1969: Off the Record Vol. 1. (Smithsonian)
23. Ralph Stanley/I’ll wear a white robe/Live at McCabe’s Guitar Shop
24. Flatt & Scruggs/Bouquet in Heaven/Flatt & Scruggs 1945-1959 (Bear box set)
25. Red Allen & Frank Wakefield/Sing, sing, sing/The WDON Recordings.(Patuxent)
26. The Balfa Brothers/‘tit Galop pour Mamou/Play Traditional Cajun Music(Swallow)
27. The Balfa Brothers/Je suis orphelin/Play Traditional Cajun Music(Swallow)
28. Memphis Minnie/Bumble bee/Killer Diller Blues
29. Kristy Cox/Ricochet/Ricochet (Mt. Fever)

Jan Dale



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