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Michael Dolce interview

Fret Net : Playlist for Tuesday 10 July 2018

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Travis Larson Band|Counter Parts|Rate of Change Live

Eric Johnson|The Boogie King|Alien Love Child - Live and Beyond

Michael Dolce|Interview|Interview

Michael Dolce|Why Not?|Everything Til Now

Michael Dolce|I Gotta Go|Everything Til Now

Kahvas Jute|Ascension|Wide Open

Kahvas Jute|Parade of Fools|Wide Open

Laurent Fleury / Bumblefoot|Un Trou à mon Pantalon|Contrastes

Andy Timmons Band|Deliver Us|Resolution

The Hideous Sun Demons|Brainwashed|The Hideous Sun Demons

Super-String-Theory|Linear A|Swimming in the Dutch Mordant

Super-String-Theory|Scary Dad|Principles of Transformation

Joel Rivard|Lydian Field|J.A.M.

Alessandro Benvenuti|S.L.O.W.|J.A.M.

Milan Polak|Back on the Track|J.A.M.

Matty T. Wall|Can't Stop Thinkin|Blue Skies

Lloyd Spiegal|Man on Fire|Backroads

Sombre Reptile|Autres Jungles|Le Repli des Ombres

Fret Net for Tuesday, 10 July 2018

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