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It's two-all as The Sound Barrier kicks off the World Cup!

The Sound Barrier for Sunday 15 July 2018

No one is ever likely to accuse me of knowing too much about football, or soccer, or whatever it is we are supposed to call the thing they play at the World Cup. But, even so, I do know that the next edition of The Sound Barrier will be going live to air just before kick-off (or bounce-off, or whatever it's called) of this year's final and so I thought maybe I could do my own little thing to get into the spirit by devoting this weekend's show to music from the two countries who will be at the centre of it all.

So this weekend, I'll be bringing you a show of avant-garde music from both Croatia and France. To show no bias, it will be a two-all outcome, with two works from each country: works by Davorin Kempf and Ivo Malec from Croatia and by Clara Maïda and Éliane Radigue from France.

I know nothing about the World Cup playing style of either country, but their music is phenomenal, from the overwhelming intensity of Kempf's Interferencije for organ and electronics to the immersive and droning feedback loops of Radigue's Omnht.

I hope you can join me for the World Cup of the avant-garde this Sunday night at 10 PM (AEST) on PBS, where you can listen in lots of ways and from anywhere: locally on 106.7 on the Melbourne FM band, or on PBS Digital, or anywhere in the world via the PBS app or online. The show will also be available to listen back to, online, shortly after it has gone live to air.

Whether you're into football or soccer or neither or both, in music everyone can win.

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