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Mixing Up The Medicine for Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Mixing Up The Medicine : Program Audio for Tuesday 26 June 2018

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Mixing Up The Medicine : Playlist for Tuesday, 26 June 2018

#185- Two Way Pocky Way

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The Ventures- These Boots Are Made For Walking

African Brothers Band International- Kyeremirekuku (Tribute to D.K)
Assagai- Bayeza (Afro Rock)
The Dixie Cups- Two Way Pocky Way (New Orleans Funk)
The Doves- Mercury (The Lord is My Shepherd)

Jefferson Airplane- Bringing Me Down (Takes Off)
The Byrds- Candy (Dr Byrds and Mr Hyde)
Alex Chilton- Back of A Car

Spiral Perm- Santa At NASA
Amyl & the Sniffers- Pleasure Forever
Ubik- Andrew Bolt's Twitter Account (7")
HoT To roT- Kindred (EP)

Little Ugly Girls- Tractor (S/T)
New Age Group- Forgotten Boy (S/T EP)
Pinch Points- Jelly Brain (Mechanical Injury)
East Brunswick All Girls Choir- Essendon 1986 (Teddy Waddy)

Time For Dreams- Friends (7")
Moon Rituals- Moon Dream (S/T)
Jaala- Horn (Joonya Spirit)

Shepparton Airplane- Rewind (Al Muerta)
Wire- Pink Flag (Pink Flag)
The Angels- I Ain't The One (Face To Face)
Marseille- Undersea Adventures
TV Haze- Circle The Sun (Circle The Sun)
Shepparton Airplane- Friction (Al Muerta)

The Everly Brothers- Bye Bye Love



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