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jumpin the blues

Jumpin' the Blues : Playlist for Wednesday 13 June 2018

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

jumpin the blues - jay mcshann

charles sheffield - i would be a sinner

grady gaines - lonesome saxophone

Konstantin kolesnichenko - brother jack,bill and gator

pearl traylor - gee i'm lonesome

yvette johansson and the pearly shells - uranium

knock-out greg and the jukes - get on over

west weston - your dog keeps looking at me

west weston - no snow in mexico

rick holmstrom with johnny dyer band - tacos de pescado

frankie lee sims - how long

junior parker - next time you see me

andy baylor - a.b. blues

snooks eaglin - mardi gras mambo

arthur gunter - story of jesse james

brownie mcghee and sonny terry - robbie-doby boogie

tower of power - after hours

nappy brown - the right time

mitch kashmar - you dogged me

mighty reapers - its my own fault

james carr - you don't want me

andy swann - shake for me

george friend - 1540 special

juke boy bonner - just a blues

chuck berry - wee wee hours

jimmy witherspoon with jay mcshann - skid row blues

albert king - c.o.d.

collard greens and gravy - boogie

mercy baby - marked deck

mercy baby - rock n roll baby

long gone miles - lena mae

happy together - groovin

Jumpin' the Blues for Wednesday, 13 June 2018

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