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Show #244 - The Grapes!

Radio City : Playlist for Thursday 31 May 2018

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Opening Theme: Eilen Jewell | Radio City | Queen Of The Minor Key

1. The Sweet Vandals | Thank You For You | Love Lite
- Just another thank you to all the wonderful people who signed up during radio festival over the 2 week period. Remember that if you haven't signed up yet, you've still got until June 30th to go in the major prize draw.
2. Hiatus Kaiyote | The World It Softly Lulls | Tawk Tomahawk
- Hiatus Kaiyote are one of the bands who are playing at this year's Community Cup which is happening at Victoria Park on June 24th. Others include The Aints, Cable Ties, The Cartridge Family, Kutcha Edwards and Rudely Interrupted.
3. SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS | Deform Reform | Dapper
- This is taken from the Japanese Jazz group's latest album, released on May 9th.
4. Gold | Gimme Some Love | What About The Child
- Gold were a Californian funk band who recorded an album's worth of songs in 1974 but weren't released until 2011 and re-released last year on the UK label, Athens Of The North.
5. Rare Earth | Hum Along And Dance | Ma
- A thumpin' funky rock tune that I've been obsessed with lately. Taken from the band's great 1973 album which is worth checking out.

6. Heartbrokers | I Am The Devil | Vol. 10
- The Heartbroker's debut album has just arrived on vinyl! Their rescheduled album launch should be later in the year but the band's Van & Cal Walker are playing at the new venue, the Merri Creek Tavern in Northcote on Friday night.
7. Shepparton Airplane | No Prize | Almurta
- This is the 2nd album by a band that features members from The Peep Tempel, Tankerville and Graveyard Train. They are doing a Saturday residency in the front bar at The Tote in June.
8. Mod Con | Tell Me Twice | Modern Convenience
- Taken from their great debut album, released earlier this year.
9. Wire | Mannequin | Pink Flag
- Pink Flag is Wire's debut album from 1977 and is rather amazing!
10. Primitive Calculators | Power | On Drugs
- Although they originally formed in 1978, On Drugs is only their 3rd studio album and was released recently. It is the PBS station feature this week. The album launch is at the Curtin Hotel tomorrow night with support from Taipan Tiger Girls, ATOM and Activities Of Daily Living.

11. Gabriella Cohen | Music Machine | Pink Is The Colour Of Unconditional Love
- Gabriella's 2nd album is released tomorrow and her album launch is at the Gasometer Hotel on June 23rd with support from Broads and Bonnie Love.
12. Moonlover | The Ooiee | Thou Shall Be Free
- Moonlover is the latest project from Quong Dinh and this is from the band's debut album, released earlier this year. They will be part of the Our Golden Friend showcase as part of Changes on July 4th at The Tote.
13. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks | Bike Lane | Sparkle Hard
- Sparkle Hard is the band's 7th studio album and was released recently.
14. Exploding White Mice | Burning Red | A Nest Of Vipers
- The band's bass player, Andy MacQueen sadly passed away on May 27th. This is taken from the great Adelaide band's debut EP from 1985.
15. Even | Falling Down | Satin Returns
- Even's 7th studio album was released recently and it's a cracker. This tune stood out at their album launch a few weeks ago.

16. Sloan | People Of The Sky | Twice Removed
- I've been playing a few tunes off Sloan's new album, 12 recently but I thought I'd go back to this classic from their 2nd album, released in 1994.
17. Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders | Dates | Blue Poles
- Taken from the band's recently released 3rd album.
18. Courtney Barnett | Crippling Self-Doubt And A General Lack Of Confidence | Tell Me How You Really Feel
- Courtney's 2nd album was released recently. She will be playing at Festival Hall on September 1st.
19. The Grapes | Shady Lane | Single
- This is a brand new single from The Grapes and their first new release in 5 years. They will be launching it tomorrow night at The Spotted Mallard.

Interview With Sherry Rich from The Grapes

20. The Byrds | Have You Seen Her Face | Younger Than Yesterday
- Supporting The Grapes will be Ashley Naylor & The Triad who interpret this classic Byrds album from 1967.
21. The Everly Brothers | I Wonder If I Care As Much | Roots
- Taken from their 1968 album, this is a cover of their own song which was originally released as the B-side of Bye Bye Love, 11 years earlier.
22. Fraser A. Gorman | Walking To Oman's | Single
- Fraser's new single, which is his first new release in a couple of years, was released last week.
23. Luluc | Heist | Sculptor
- This is the band's first single from their 3rd album which is released on July 13th.
24. Hannah Cameron | What Remains | I Lay Where You Lie
- Hannah's 2nd album is released on June 8th and the album launch is on August 9th at the Northcote Social Club.

Closing Theme: Ashley Davies | To Carpentaria - Into The Unknown | The Expedition Burke & Wills



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