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Ports of Paradise exotic mid-century jazz with Paddy Harrisson, Fri 9:00am - 11:00am
Riddim Yard roots, dub & rocksteady with Rick Howe, Fri 11:00am - 1:00pm
Tomorrow Land future beats & soul with Edd Fisher, Fri 1:00pm - 3:00pm
The Breakdown deep funk, soul & hip hop with DJ Manchild, Fri 3:00pm - 5:00pm

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Thursday 10 May 2018 - Saturday 30 June 2018

ONE OH ONE… reasons to sign up to PBS!

• PBS is unique and SO ARE YOU. Drop out of the commercial radio treadmill and run your own race supporting real music played by real people.

• PBS is a non-profit organisation that resists the influence of government and corporate agendas. Our musical voice is an independent one. To maintain this ideal, we rely on the support of our listeners.

• PBS is mainly run by volunteers. We have a small staff, but it takes more than 400 volunteer announcers, receptionists, technicians and other skilled volunteers to make sure PBS runs smoothly every week. More than 100 dedicated on-air volunteer announcers are at your disposal every week. All of those volunteers work together to make sure you are entertained and engaged by the best music and interviews across the PBS dial.

PBS – it's like having a music expert in your house, without them drinking all your beer.

• A knowledge resource: So you are really into that obscure Mongolian throat-singing music, noisy Yugoslavian free-jazz, Himalayan crust-grind neo-avant doomy-sludge-post rock, or whatever? One of our announcers can play some tracks for you and point you in the right direction of record stores catering to your rarefied tastes. PBS gives you access to a knowledge base, not just an access-on-demand on-air record library. Much better than an algorithm.

• Discover new sounds, new artists, local music, and adventure into new musical territory with us.
Every day, around the clock, PBS brings you a wide range of specialist music programs. Our presenters are genuine music fans. So if you love music that is diverse and not spoon fed to you, then support PBS by becoming a member and enjoy Melbourne’s only specialist music station.

• PBS plays music you wouldn’t hear anywhere else – so support diversity, support PBS and become a member today.

• A PBS membership is an annual payment that gets you access to almost 9,000 hours of music a year; that is about 100,000 different tracks!

• On a typical day at PBS you might hear about 350 different songs crossing all kinds of genres. PBS has no set playlists; all announcers are free to program their own content.

• If you tune in to just one program per week over 12 months, you are getting more than 1000 songs you may not have heard before as each shows plays more than 1000 different tracks per year!

• All donations over $2 to the station are tax deductible – so that’s extra incentive to donate as it helps minimise your bill at tax time. Do something good and stick it to the tax man. You can’t argue with that and neither can the tax department!

• As a PBS member you can take advantage of a range of discounts offered by businesses around Melbourne – generally 10% off! It's just another way you can recover your investment in our future, and the specialist music service we offer. Check out our list of discounters here.

• We love to thank our members by giving things away. PBS gives away free CDs, concert tickets, vouchers – all sorts of goodies generously donated by supporting businesses and musicians. If you've never been a member, how many times have you missed out on some really great prizes?! Don't miss out, sign up today and become a member!

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