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Nick Charles live to air performance & interview

Southern Style : Playlist for Tuesday 8 May 2018

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Summary 8/5/18

Nick Charles in studio performance.

1. Jerry Stuart, Smiley Hobbs,Pete Kuykendall,Tom Gray & Mike Seeger/Rocky run/Classic Bluegrass Vol. 1. (Smithsonian)
2. B. Lilly, Chubby Anthony & Don Stover/Ain’t nobody gonna miss me/Classic Bluegrass Vol. 1. (Smithsonian)
3. Hard Ryde/East Virginia/Expressed
4. Linda Lay & Sammy Shelor/still in love with you/Taking the Crooked road home (Virginia Foundation for Humanities)
5. Peter Rowan/Let me love you one more time/Carter Stanley’s eyes (Reb)
6. Peter Rowan/too late to cry/Carter Stanley’s eyes (Reb)

7. The Kimble & Wagoner Families/Don’t let your deal go down
8. The Kimble & Wagoner Families/going down to Raleigh
9. The Kimble & Wagoner Families/farewell to thee
all - self titled album

10. Brad Vickers/if you leave me now/That’s what they say
11. Annie Savage & Tracy Lynn/working on a building/Two Coats

12. Claybank/I’ll wear a white robe/No escape (Mt. Fever)
13. Dave Adkins/Blue Blue rain/Right or wrong (Mt. fever)
14. Deer Creek Boys/Airmail Special/Midnight & Dawn (mt. Fever)
15. Volume Five/Now that’s a song/Milestones (Mt. Fever)
16. Claybank/Where’s a train when you need one/No Escape (Mt. Fever)
17. Ginny Hawker/Oh, have you seen that turtle dove/Letters from my father (Rounder)
18. Ginny Hawker/Letters from my father/Letters from my father (Rounder)
19. Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys/la valse des vachers/ Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys
20. Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys/grand bois/ Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys

21. Nick Charles - live to air performance and interview.

22. The Wilders/Molly put the kettle on/The Wilders
23. The Stairwell Sisters/Hog Eyed Man/The Stairwell Sisters
24. Cabin Creek Boys/Lafayette/Field Creek Stomp

Southern Style for Tuesday, 8 May 2018

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