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Liza Lim and Eugene Ughetti talk about Atlas of the Sky on The Sound Barrier!

The Sound Barrier for Sunday 13 May 2018

Undoubtedly one of Australia's most important composers is Liza Lim and surely one of her most important works, due to have its world premiere at the Melbourne Recital Centre's Elizabeth Murdoch Hall on Monday 18 June, is Atlas of the Sky, a new work for soprano, percussion ensemble, and a large crowd of community performers, trained and untrained musically.

It is already being talked about widely and excitedly – a work that engages stories of the stars from across cultures and history, a work that grew from the seed of an idea for solo woodblock, conceptualised by Liza with Eugene Ughetti of Speak Percussion.

Liza and Eugene will be joining me live in the studio this Sunday night on The Sound Barrier to talk about this extraordinary, deeply engaging project, which is already under rehearsal and will feature one of Australia's most talented and exploratory vocal artists, soprano Jessica Aszodi.

As well as talking with Liza and Eugene, this weekend's program will showcase Liza's work more broadly, celebrating her sense of musical adventure, and of connection to community and land, which continues to generate works that navigate new ideas about culture and humanity through new musical terain.

Atlas of the Sky will be one of those works that for years to come people will want to claim that they were there to hear its world premiere, and it's an enormous thrill to me to be able to talk about it with its composer and with its music director.

I hope you can join me this Sunday night at 10 PM (AEST) for this opportunity to hear about this sensational new work that will mark out such innovative territory in the skyscape of new music!

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