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Fiesta Jazz : Playlist for Saturday 5 May 2018

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Harold Lopez-Nussa|D'Una Fabula|El Viaje|Mac Avenue Records|2016

Pedro Giraudo|Chicharrita|Vigor Tanguero|ZOHO|2018

Pedro Giraudo and The WDR Big Band|Desconsuelo Suite II. Mate Amargo |An Argentinian in New York|ZOHO|2018

Pedro Giraudo Big Band|Muñeca|Cuentos|ZOHO|2015

Eliane Elias|The Impossible Dream|The Man From La Mancha|Concord Records|2018

Raul Agraz|Bossagraz|Between Brothers|OA2 Records|2016

David Feldman|Soccer Ball|Horizonte|Tratore|2016

Be Jazz |No Lo Podemos Evitar|Sessions|Independent |2018

Luis Muñoz|Tierranegra|The Dead Man|Independent |2017

Steven Kroon|Nature Boy|In Your Dreams|KroonAtune Records|2018

Masfarroll|Loyda-Cha-Cha-Cha|Utop!a Guantanamera|Independent |2017

Tiempo Libre|Batajazz|Lo Que Te Toca|Independent |2018

The New Timberos All Stars|Asterisco|The New Timberos All Stars|Bis Music|2018

Juan Pablo Barrios Salsa Latin Jazz|Cat Head Pachanga's|Otra Vez!|Independent |2018

Leonardo Garcia|Just A Love Affair|Leonardo Garcia|Independent |2018

Cabanijazz Project|Privamera|Infrasonic|Independent |2018

Oscar D' Leon|Mi Anhelo|New Single|Independent |2018

The Spanish Harlem Orchestra|Soy El Tambor|Anniversary|Artistshare|2018

Alexander Abreu Y Havana D'Primera|Hoy Quiero Fiesta|Hoy Quiero Fiesta|Cuba Music|2018

Omar El Mistico|Las Olas Del Mar|En El Firmamento|Spanish Music Records|2018



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