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Paul Kelly interview re. his 1999 collaboration with Gerry Hale's Uncle Bill; segment on historical Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs radio broadcasts

Southern Style : Playlist for Tuesday 24 April 2018

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Southern Style 24/4/18

Paul Kelly & Uncle Bill; historic Flatt & Scruggs recordings.

1. Bluegrass Diamonds/going back home/The tool box
2. Black Mountain Bluegrass Boys/Limehouse Blues/Live at the Opera House
3. Colebrook Road/Oh my love/Halfway between
4. Hayseed Dixie/Feel like making love/Let there be rockgrass
5. Roger Howell/needle case/Blue Ridge mountain music: Old time banjo
6. The Prairie Acre/Rye straw/Jaybird & The Sparrow Hawk
7. Whitetop Mountain Band/going around this world baby mine/Echoes of the Blue Ridge

Paul Kelly
Excerpts of interview by Ed Nimmervol regarding the 1999 release “Smoke” which was a collaboration with Gerry Hale’s Uncle Bill, interspersed with following tracks -
8. Paul Kelly & Uncle Bill/Sydney from a 747/Smoke (EMI)
9. Paul Kelly & Uncle Bill/Night after night/Smoke (EMI)
10. Paul Kelly & Uncle Bill/Our sunshine/Smoke (EMI)
11. Paul Kelly & Uncle Bill/You can’t take it with you/Smoke (EMI)
12. Paul Kelly & Uncle Bill/Gathering storm/Smoke (EMI)
13. Gerry Hale’s Uncle Bill/40 miles to Saturday night/Special Treatment

14. Wayne Toups, Steve Riley & Wilson Savoy/Courtbouillon/Best of Valcour 2006-2011
15. Pine Leaf Boys/Two step des festivals acadiens/Homage au passe

16. Flatt & Scruggs/Have you come to say goodbye?/Radio Gems
17. Flatt & Scruggs/give me the flowers while I’m living/Radio Gems

18. Bing Brothers band featuring Jake Krack on fiddle/Katy Hill/Live from Pocahontas County
19. Flatt & Scruggs/the family who prays/Radio Gems
20. Flatt & Scruggs/Brother I’m getting ready to go/Radio Gems
21. Flatt & Scruggs/Get in line brother/Radio Gems
22. Whitetop Mountain Band/Where the soul never dies/Echoes of the Blue Ridge
23. The Whitetop Mountaineers/Just a friend/Go away with me
24. Dick Kimmel/West Fork gals/Fishing Creek Blues (CC)
25. Giles Mountain String Band/Dinah/Blue Ridge
26. Bayou Brothers/My Creole Belle/Resurrected
27. Bayou Brothers/Midnight special/Resurrected
28. Valerie Smith/alone in the still of the night/For the long haul:Songs for the open road Vol. 1
29. Chris Jones/Diesel Smoke on danger road/For the long haul:Songs for the open road Vol. 1
30. Ray Legere & Roger Williams/let old mother nature have her way/River of no return (SC)
31. Back-Step/Fishers hornpipe/Hell amongst the roundpeakers


Southern Style for Tuesday, 24 April 2018

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