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Homebrew for Monday, 23 April 2018

Homebrew : Program Audio for Monday 23 April 2018

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Homebrew : Playlist for Monday, 23 April 2018

Monday 23rd May - Interview with Susie Scurry

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distibutor | Comments

The Seven Ups | The Mountain Pass | Commandments LP
Perch Creek | Belle | Perch Creek LP
JL Chandler | Love Alone | Euphoria LP
Amaya Laucirica | Little Clouds | Rituals LP - you can support the band's pozible campaign to support UK/Europe tour here:

Merpire | Invitation | From forthcoming EP Endless Chatter
Gurrumul | Djarimirri (Child Of The Rainbow) | Djarimirri album - the documentary 'Gurrumul' is a MUST SEE, in cinemas from April 25 and directed by Paul Williams
Evelyn Ida Morris | Darwin Heat | Evelyn Ida Morris LP
Rowland S. Howard | The Golden Age Of Bloodshed 7" - featuring Brian Henry Hooper on bass. Rest in Rock.

Xylouris White | In Medias Res | Mother LP

Evelyn Ida Morris | Limited Resources | Evelyn Ida Morris LP
JAALA | Junior Spirit | Joonya Spirit LP
Charlotte Roberts | Solsito | Charlotte Roberts LP

The Grand Magoozi (Susie Scurry) | The Last Cowboy | The Grand Magoozi LP
Interview with Susie Scurry
Susie Scurry | The Elvis Hour | Single from forthcoming EP due June 2018
Susie Scurry | The Pigeon Song | Live in studio - electric guitar version

The Seven Ups | The Arrival | Commandments LP

George Telek | Lok Lok Kdui | Akave album
George Telek | Melbourne City | Telek
George Telek | West Papua (Merdeka Mix) | Akave album
You can support George Telek's fundraiser for cancer treatment at:

Clio | Something Left To Leave Behind | Something Left To Leave Behind EP
Baby Blue | I Like You | Single from forthcoming EP 'Do What You Like' due out June 1



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