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Riddim Yard #90 - Joe Dubs Takeover

Riddim Yard : Playlist for Friday 20 April 2018

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Linton Kwesi Johnson – 'Bass Culture'

Hugh Roy aka U Roy– 'Wake the Town'

The Skatalites– 'Dr Ring Ding'

Don Drummond – 'Last Call'

Errol Dixon 'Unknown'

Pat Kelly – 'I'm in the mood'

Ken Boothe – 'Silver Words'

The Meditations – 'Woman is like a Shadow'

Asher and Trimble - 'Humble Yourself'

Jah Blast and the Shades 'Who Lay the Foundation'

Bobby Soul and the Righteous Flames 'Message from the Congo'

Sheila Rickards – 'Jamaican Fruit of African Roots'

Vivian Jackson and the Defenders - 'Love they Neighbours'

Yabby You – 'Beware'

Yabby You – 'Lazy Mood'

Twinkle Brothers - 'Jahovia'

Illie P - 'Love Selassie I'

Don Carlos - 'From Creation'

Sizzla – 'Explain to Almighty'

Vivian Jones meets Russ D – 'Slave Ship'

Manu Digital and Queen Omega – 'Local'

Errol Bellot – 'What a Wonderful Feeling'

Soom T – 'Pull it Up'

Little Clarkie and the off beat posse - 'Selector Him Good'

Colonel Mite - 'Bless the Selector'

Sandeeno – 'Ahoy'

Errole Bellot and Dixie Peach – 'Rastafaris is the only Way'

Chezidek – 'Good Herbs'

Aisha – Mad Professor – 'The Creator'



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