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The Sound Barrier turns 6!

The Sound Barrier for Sunday 8 April 2018

This weekend's edition of The Sound Barrier marks the sixth anniversary of my bringing avant-garde and experimental music to you via the PBS airwaves.

I thought it might be nice to mark the occasion this week with a show that looks back, with a twist, to the music that I played on the very first show. Back then, I had the four-hour fortnightly shift and so there is a lot more music there than I can revisit this time, so instead I thought I would revisit some of its highlights, that in different ways allow me, and you, to look at what the show has been about and how it has grown over the years. I won't be playing any of the same recordings from then, but I will be playing some of the same artists, some of the same composers, or recordings that relate to them by somehow reflecting the connections between the then and the now.

That huge playlist of 2012 will, then, be transformed into a much smaller one for 2018, with works by Sofia Gubaidulina, Diamanda Galás, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Merzbow, and Anthony Pateras: works that tell the story of where The Sound Barrier has come from, and where it has been, and come to, since.

I hope you can join me this Sunday night at 10.00 PM (AEST) for two hours of birthday celebration on PBS. You can tune in at 106.7 on the Melbourne FM dial, or on PBS Digital, or listen live from anywhere in the world via the PBS app or online. The show is also available as an audio file, here on the website, shortly after it has gone live to air.

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