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Monday March 19 - Ecotopia & Ego Lemos

All Our Stories : Playlist for Monday 19 March 2018

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Yothu Yindi + Gavin Campbell | Treaty ft. Baker Boy
Mahalia ft. Little Simz | Proud of Me
Masego ft. FKJ | Tadow

Ganga Giri Byami (Our Creator) | Good Voodoo

**Interview with Chelsea Mc nab & Brad Charman about the Ecotopia Earth Festival 2018 - happening this Sunday March 25 at Yarra Junction Parklands

Philemon | My Kingdom| Frame
Whiri Tu Aka | E Pa | Whiri Tu Aka

Buffy Saint Marie | You Got To Run (Spirit of the Wind) ft. Tanya Taraq | Medicine Songs
Archie Roach | A Child Was Born Here ft. Tiddas | Dancing With My Spirit
Thabo | Shallow Water

Birdz ft. Omar Musa | About Me
Krown | Feeling Good
Sampa The Great | Inner Voice ft. Mwanje Tembo | Birds and the BEE9

Ego Lemos | Balibo | O Hele Le

*Live interview with Ego Lemos about his work setting up School Gardens in East Timor

Live set:
To'os Na'in
Timor Lorosae

Seu Jorge | Starman | The Life Aquatic
Blick Bassy | Lon | Ako



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