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Going with the current - with guests Clinton Green and Michael McNab!

The Sound Barrier for Sunday 11 February 2018

Coming up next weekend at the Aeso Studio in Fitzroy will be this year's iteration of CURRENT, a now recurring event in Melbourne that brings together performance in its many shapes and sizes in an environment of experimentation and exploration. It's a unique version of inter-everything collaboration, pitting performers together in unusual trio combinations that are formed and reformed and given the opportunity to see what they create across and between their fields of creativity. Boundaries shift constantly, and it offers whole new experiences both for the artists and for the audiences where conceptions of art, sound, and the senses are constantly challenged and renewed.

So it's pretty exciting that this weekend on The Sound Barrier its curators, Clinton Green and Michael McNab, will be joining me in the studio to talk about what they have in store for this year and, as well as chatting with them, I will be playing some music that has come from some of the CURRENT artists, both from this year and from the past.

I will also be bringing you some more new music that has come my way over the past weeks, including a work from American composer William Price that explores its own combination of trios through different configurations of noise in his Triptych: Three Studies in Gesture and Noise.

The second half of the show will be devoted to one section of a huge work that I discovered, quite by accident, a few months ago, Tolv Stationer ('Twelve Stations') by Hungarian-Swedish composer Ákos Rózmann, a massive work where voice and piano sounds are electronically transformed in an epic journey through the thanka, the Buddhist Wheel of Fortune. I'll be especially keen to hear your thoughts on the little bit of this huge and astonishing piece, so barely known: and if you love it as much as I do, I will see if there might be a way to bring the whole thing to you over a few successive shows sometime soon.

I hope you can join me for all this and more, this Sunday night at 10 PM (AEDT) on Melbourne's PBS 106.7 FM and PBS Digital, or from anywhere in the world through the PBS App or online. The show will also be available to listen back to here on the website, shortly after it has gone to air.

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