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#164 Sound of the City

Mixing Up The Medicine : Playlist for Tuesday 5 December 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

The Ventures- These Boots are Made for Walking

The Johnson Spiritual Singers- Precious Lord (Detroit Gospel Reissue Project)
Johnnie Frierson- Have You Been Good To Yourself (Have You Been Good To Yourself)
The Jewels- Hearts of Stone (Your Nobody Til Someone Loves You)
Little Ann- Possession (The Detroit Funk Vaults)
The Dramatics- Somewhere (Northern Soul)
Lee Moses- Bad Girl (Time and Place)

The Belmonts- Sound of the City
Harumi- Fire By the River

The Stevens- I Know (Good)
Dick Diver- Waste the Alphabet (Melbourne, Florida)
Chris Robison- Italian Boy (and his Many Hand Band)
Tully- Thank You (Sea of Joy)
Twerps- Coast to Coast (S/T)

Jonathan Halper- Leaving My Old Life Behind
The Royale Coachmen- Killer of Men
The Savages- Gone To The Moon (ANXIOUS COLOR)
Front Page Review- PRISM FAWN (Mystic Soldiers)
Jefferson Airplane- Plastic Fantastic Lover (Surrealistic Pillow)

The Stroppies- Productions Lines (It's A Hit)
Heart Beach- Starlight Motel (Haircut)
Blank Statements- The Bull (Signs Are Rampant)

Total Control- 2 Less Jacks (Typical System)
Spotting- Good Job (Rice is Nice Mixtape Vol. 4)
Bed Wetting Bad Boys- Expanding Horizons

The Everly Brothers- Bye Bye Love



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