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New Noise : Playlist for Sunday 3 December 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Chimera. Zen robotic, Zen robotic

Chaotic intervention, Zen robotic, Zen robotic

Trough the market place, Zen robotic, Zen robotic

scars, Zen robotic, Zen robotic

Flawed human being, Zen robotic, Zen robotic

Inromental, lazy boy proactive, in space in time and in life

under mental, lazy boy proactive, in space in time and in life

A Forest ( the Cure ), Lazy Boy Proactive, in Space in Time and in Life

Alien Clinic, Lazy Boy Proactive, in Space in Time and in Life

Obsession, Lazy Boy Proactive, in Space in Time and in Life

Come undone, Symetrix, Symetrix

Where have you gone, Symetrix, Symetrix

Inception, Symetrix, Symetrix

On Screen Lies. Symetrix, Symetrix

Somebody save me, Oolluu, Deep six

Sm6, Oolluu, Deep six

300, Oolluu, Deep six

Attitude, Oolluu, Deep six

Alien, Silvatra, I'm Galactic

i'm galactic, Silvatra, I'm Galactic

Arrested, Silvatra, I'm Galactic

Bling is my thing. Silvatra, I'm Galactic

Freefall, Oolluu, Ooolluu

After burner, Oolluu, Ooolluu

Hum of the City, Oolluu, Ooolluu

Aileron, Oolluu, Ooolluu

We are, Roxy Moron, We are Roxy Moron

Roxy riot, Roxy Moron, We are Roxy Moron

Kaze, Johanna Piggot, Scribble

Party, Johanna Piggot, Scribble

Silly Girl, Johanna Piggot, Scribble

Tracks one to eight, Martin Hannet, Martin Hannet, Hannett's electronic recordings - Homage to Delia Derbyshire

Body Shop, The Models, Models Melbourne

Current Affair, The Models, Models Melbourne

Whisper through the Wall, The Models, Models Melbourne

Party Girls, The Models, Models Melbourne

Pavor Nocturne,The Models, Models Melbourne

Mega Fauna, The Models, Models Melbourne

Asleep with the bats, The Models, Models Melbourne

Kuceli woke up in the Graveyard, The Models, Models Melbourne

Solar Flares, Sven Libaek, Solar flares

Stella maris, Sven Libaek, Solar flares

Lift Off, Sven Libaek, Solar flares

Destination Omega 3, Sven Libaek, Solar flares



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