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Southern Style : Playlist for Tuesday 7 November 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Southern Style 7/11/17

1. Bill Monroe/Molly & Tenbrooks/Father of Bluegrass Music: Famous Country Music Makers series
2. Ron Spears & Within Tradition/Dreams about the hills of home/Grandpa loved the Carolina Mountains (CC)
3. Debbie Williamson/Till I see you/Weeping willow blues
4. The Bluegrass Diamonds/I want to be loved/Some of our favourites, hopefully yours
5. Raymond Fairchild/Hey Lonesome/At home in Maggie Valley (Gusto)
6. Raymond Fairchild/me and my banjo/At home in Maggie Valley (Gusto)

7. Dirk Powell, Tim O’Brien & John Herrmann/Mole in the ground
8. Dirk Powell, Tim O’Brien & John Herrmann/Cherokee Trail/Glory in the meeting house
9. Dirk Powell, Tim O’Brien & John Herrmann/Lonesome John
all from - Songs from the Mountain (SH)

10. Tim Martin/Arthur’s march/Bluegrass Fiddle (Patuxent)
11. Bluestone Junction/My walking’ shoes/Favourites
12. Mustered Courage/Standing by your side/Powerlines
13. The Pipi Pickers/The end of the Line/As is, where is
14. Fat Cousin Skinny/Don’t get trouble in your mind/Beached
15. Appalachian Heaven/Duncan’s Reel/Been all around this world
16. Wide Land/A long way over/Wide Land
17. Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen/Betrayal/Cold Spell
18. Bruce Hearn & The Machinists/Hard Travelin’/Woody: Songs of Freedom
19. Allie Young/Bessyl Duhon/Rodney Balfa/Bosco Stomp/Cajun Social Music (Smithsonian)
20. Milton Melanin, Mark Savoy & Lurlin Lejeune/La valse de Lawtell/Cajun Social Music
21. The Texas Playboys/Big ball’s in cowtown/Down Home Saturday Night (Smithsonian)
22. Tom, Brad & Alice/Moses & The Israelites/Holly Ding (CC)
23. Annie Savage & Tracy Lynn/drifting too far from the shore/Two coats
24. Dave Adkins Trio/Honey in the rock/Turn to Jesus (Mt. Fever)
25. Gold Heart/Master of the sea/Places I’ve been (Mt. Fever)
26. Carl Green Nance/Italian Waltz/The North Carolina Banjo Collection (Rounder)
27. Red Allen/Are you waiting just for me?/Lonesome & Blue:The complete County Recordings (Rebel)
28. Red Allen/Whose shoulder will you cry on/Lonesome & Blue:The complete County Recordings (Rebel)
29. The Jim Buchanan System/Texas Quickstep/The system at work - Vol. 1
30. Casey Driscoll/Take me back to Tulsa/Le Mer (Patuxent)
31. Bill Monroe/Tennessee Blues/Father of Bluegrass Music: Famous Country Music Makers series
32. Chris Hillman/Such is the world that we live in/Bidin’ my time (Rounder)
33. Raymond Fairchild/Green Mountain Hop/At Home in Maggie Valley
34. Michael Cleveland/Sunday Drive/Fiddler’s Dream (Compass)




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