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Violet's Eclectic Ladyland Tracks

Eclectic Ladyland : Playlist for Friday 3 November 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Violet’s take on Eclectic Ladyland 3/11/17
1. Adalita/Blue Sky/All Day Venus

2. Divinyls/Back To The Wall/Temperamental

3. Amyl and the Sniffers/I’m Not a Loser/Big Attraction EP

4. Stonefield/Put Your Curse On Me/Stonefield

5. The Runaways/Queens Of Noise (Live)/The Best Of The Runaways

6. L7/Shitlist/Bricks Are Heavy

7. Babes In Toyland/Sweet 69/Redux

8. Sonic Youth/Kool Thing/Goo

9. The Breeders/Cannonball/Last Splash

10. Pixies/Nimrod’s Son/Come On Pilgrim

11. Pixies/Gigantic/Surfer Rosa

12. Stonefield/Diggin My Way Out/Stonefield

13. Baby Animals/Painless/Baby Animals

14. Suze De Marchi/Satellite/Telelove

15. Concrete Blonde/Run,Run,Run/Free

16. Heart/Dream of The Archer/Little Queen

17. Jen Cloher/Forgot Myself/Jen Cloher

18. Adalita/Trust Is Rust/All Day Venus

19. Courtney Barnett/Trust Is Rust/The Sounds of Studio 5 Live – By Day

20. Pattie Smith/Because The Night/Easter

21. Kate Bush/Wuthering Heights/The Whole Story

22. Siouxsie & The Banshees/Spellbound/Once Upon A Time/The Singles

23. Wendy Rule/The Killing Moon/Artemis/Killing Moon EP

24. Jefferson Airplane/White Rabbit/Surrealistic Pillow

25. The Clouds/Hieronymus/Penny Century

26. The Mavis’s/Thunder/Venus Returning

27. The Plums/Au Revoir Sex Kitten/Au Revoir Sex Kitten

28. The Sundays/Can’t Be Sure/Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

29. Sea Stories/It’s Up to You/Junior EP

30. Killjoys/The Better It Gets/The Better It Gets EP

31. Sweet Jean/Annabelle/Dear Departure

32. Adalita/He Wrote/All Day Venus

33. Nina Simone/The Backlash Blues/ Released

34. Etta James/Take Out Some Insurance/Who’s Blue?Rare Recordings Of The 60s &70s

35. Vika and Linda Bull/Be Careful What You Pray For/Two Wings

36. Liz Stringer/One More Time/Soon

37. Ruthie Foster/Everlasting Light/Let It Burn

38. Emma Donovan & The Putbacks feat Archie Roach/ Down City Streets/Charcoal Lane 25th Anniversary Edition

39. Mia Dyson/The Judgement Song/Cold Water

40. PJ Harvey/ Let England Shake/Let England Shake

41. Buffy Saint-Marie/Star Walker/The Pathfinder - Buried Treasures The Mid 70’s Recordings

42. Buffy Saint-Marie/No No Keshagesh/Running For The Drum

43. Eilen Jewell/High Shelf Booze/Letters from Sinners and Strangers

44. Coral Lee & the Silver Scream/Dancin’ The Night Away/Rocky Road To 10

45. Wanda Jackson/Tunnel of Love/Queen of Rockabilly

46. All Our Exes Live In Texas/Candle/When We Fall

47. Adalita/All Day Venus/All Day Venus

48. Red Raku/Empty Pockets/Sweetly Sedated

49. Leah Senior/Jenny/Pretty Faces

50. Carpenters/Superstar/The Singles 1969 -1973

51. Kylie Auldist/Look Away/Family tree

52. Julia Jacklin/Leadlight/Don’t Let The Kids Win

53. Freya Josephine Hollick/ Silverwater/Don’t Mess with The Doyenne EP

54. Judy Collins/Who Knows Where The Times Goes/Who Knows Where The Times Goes

55. Bluebirds/Was It Worth It/ Bluebirds

56. Kerry Simpson/Fortune Favoured Me/Fortune Favoured Me

57. Suzannah Espie/What would you say?/Mother’s not feeling herself today

58. Lanie Lane/To The Horses/To The Horses

59. Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood/Sand/How Does That Grab You?

60. Nancy Sinatra/How Does That Grab You, Darling?/How Does That Grab You?

61. Ronnie Spector & Joey Ramone/Bye Bye Baby/She Talks To Rainbows EP

Outro - Lynne Randell / Ciao Baby/Sixties Dowunder



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