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jumpin the blues

Jumpin' the Blues : Playlist for Wednesday 25 October 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

jay mcshann - jumpin the blues

albert collins - honey hush

albert Collins - frost bite

roy gaines - oh annabelle

earl hooker - all your love

harmonica fats & the berne pearl band - sliding' defender

valerie carr - rockin' bed

otis rush - double trouble

l.c. steels - looking good

frank frost - my back scratcher

the clarence daniels orch. - you dig it

texas johnny brown - snakehips

finned-mo - my baby's gone

the pearly shells - death rattle

lee'' shot'' williams - hello baby

andre williams - do it

curley bridges - i hear you knocking'

dennis gruelling with steve guyger - back track

long gone hunter - midnight stroll

white lighting - dust my broom

the peacemakers - sobro

silas hogan - go on pretty baby

mari jones - lonesome gal blues

h-bomb ferguson - preaching' the blues

tiny kennedy - country boy

junior wells - cha cha cha in blues

billie holiday - long gone blues

effie smith - answer to r.m. blues

betty james - i'm a little mixed up

t.c. crumpled with bobbie richard & his band - t.c. boogie

jimmy smith - groanin'



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