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Beth and Maddy - Tuesday 10th Oct w/ Zara and Campbell re: SYN Fundraiser and Sov Trax

The Breakfast Spread : Playlist for Tuesday 10 October 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Susumu Yokota | Reflux | Magic Thread
Soda Lite | Harps In Spring | Rêveries in terra lerpa

Huron (6) | Hazel Hurst III/Hazel Hurst III / Source / Dust Disk / Return to Three Springs | The Red Tape
Sleep D | Red Rock | BSR014

Ainslie Wills | Early Morning Light | You Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine
Alela Diane | Long Way Down | Alela Diane & Wild Divine
Archie Roach | It's Not Too Late | Let Love In

Hope Sandoval And The Warm Inventions | Liquid Hunter | Until The Hunter
Donny Hathaway | We're Still Friends | Donny Hathaway Live


Aldous Harding | Elation | Single
Agnes Obel | Familiar | Citizen Of Class
Noire | He’s My Baby | Some Kind Of Blue

Baker Boy | Marryuna ft. Yirrmal | Single
Kelela | LMK | Take Me Apart


Langlois | The Fooler - parts 1 & 2 | Mr Joe's Jambalaya and Loaded Down With The Blues collection
Claudia Lennear | Everything Thing I Do Gonna Be Funky | Phew
Warheads | Bananafish | Single

Ross Henry | The Deep | Single
Jordan Rakei | Nerve | Wallflower


Hexdebt | Bitch Rising

*IV w/ Zara (SYN's Music Manager, Host of the Hoist and a PBS volunteer) and Campbell McNolty (PBS announcer and trainer and SYN's Education and Training Manager) re: SYN Moving Up Moving Out*

Okenyo | Woman’s World | Single
Lizzo | Water Me | Single


*Sov Trax w/ Hannah Donnelly*

Baker Boy | Marryuna ft. Yirrmal | Single
Touch Sensitive | No Other High ft. Electric Fields | Single
Steady | Tuesday | Single

Rebecca Hatch | Vibes | Single
Be Kind To Yourself | Willow Beats | Single
Alice Skye | 60% | Single



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