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Stockhausen's SIRIUS: the sounds of earth, stars, and superuniverses

The Sound Barrier : Playlist for Sunday 1 October 2017

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All of tonight's music is br Karlheinz Stockhausen. The recordings are played with permission of the Karlheinz Stockhausen Foundation for Music, from which they are exclusively available, along with the scores, the music-boxes used in TIERKREIS and the electronic versions of the complete electronic music used in SIRIUS.

Four melodies from TIERKREIS from the original recording for music-boxes | Stockhausen Complete Edition Volume 24:

  • CANCER | 2:14
  • LIBRA | 2:02
  • CAPRICORN | 2:15
  • ARIES | 2:14

SIRUS (Summer Version) | Markus Stockhausen (trumpet); Annette Meriweather (soprano); Suzanne Stephens (bass clarinet); Boris Carmeli (bass); Karlheinz Stockhausen (musical direction) | Stockhausen Complete Edition Volume 26:

  1. PRESENTATION | 11:14
  2. CANCER | 24:49
  3. LIBRA | 18:44
  4. CAPRICORN | 13:40
  5. ARIES | 14:41
  6. BRIDGE after ARIES | 5:15
  7. ANNUNCIATION | 7:49

You can also check out the blog to read more about SIRIUS, and the ideas behind the music.