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Show #193 - Mick Thomas!

Radio City : Playlist for Thursday 8 June 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Opening Theme: Eilen Jewell | Radio City | Queen Of The Minor Key

1. Kamasi Washington | Truth | Harmony Of Difference
- First single from new ep from modern Spirital Jazz master. You can get the single digitally but no release date as yet for the EP.
2. Joe Henderson | Turned Around | Multiple
- Keeping the jazz theme going with this tune from an excellent album from 1973 that I rediscovered recently.

3. Eric Burdon & The Animals | Monterey | The Twain Shall Meet
- The 50th anniversary of the Monterey Pop Festival is on June 16th-18th. This was the first really huge pop festival of its kind and Eric Burdon gave tribute to it on this classic tune in 1968.
4. The Cramps | Goo Goo Muck | Psychedelic Jungle
- From The Cramps' 2nd album, released in 1981. A tribute to the Cramps, Sleazetacular II, is happening @ The Tote on Friday night featuring Midnight Woolf, Digger and the Pussycats, Hypno Sex Ray, Shrimpwitch and heaps more!
5. The Villenettes | Gravedigger | Lady Luck
- Originally released on their debut album from 2015 but has recently been released on the Off The Hip Garage Sampler, released by the great local independent label.
6. La Bastard | Between You And Me | Trouble
- I can't get enough of this excellent album. It officially gets released in July and their album launch is on August 5th @ The Gasometer Hotel w/The Sugarcanes + Shitsville.

7. Melvins | Revolve | Stoner Witch
- I listened to this recently for the first time in ages and had to play it as it just rocks so hard! From their excellent 1994 album.
8. The Peep Tempel | Neuroplasticity (Live) | The Sounds Of Studio 5 Live 2017: Night Mission
- From one of PBS' Studio 5 compilations that you pick up for free if you sign up to PBS before June 30th. The Peep Tempel are also playing at this year's Community Cup at Victoria Park on June 25th!
9. Cable Ties | Paradise | Cable Ties
- This 10 minute epic track is one of the highlights from local trio's excellent debut album. Album launch @ The Tote on June 23rd has sold out but they're doing 2 shows @ The Curtin on July 13th and 15th.

10. Jeff Buckley | Forget Her | Grace [Legacy Edition]
- May 29th was the 20 year anniversary of Jeff's passing. This track was originally going to be on Grace but was replaced by So Real late in the piece and not officially released until the Legacy Edition came out in 2004.
11. Aldous Harding | Party | Party
- One of the highlights of Aldous' wonderful 2nd album, released in May. It's this week's Breakfast Spread feature album.
12. The Ronson Hangup | Hickok's Curse | Single
- New single from upcoming 2nd album featuring Ash Naylor & Steve Pilkington. Single launch @ The Worker's Club on June 16th w/The Grapes + The Favourite Game.
13. Mick Thomas | The Lonely Goth | These Are The Songs
- Originally released on Anythings, Sure Things, Other Things in 2004 and released on this new compilation.

Interview With Mick Thomas

14. Brooke Russell & The Mean Reds | Loose Change | Single
- New single, released on June 16th and from forthcoming 2nd album to be released later this year. Supporting Larissa Tandy on her upcoming tour in June and July. They will also be playing at Acid Country's Live To Air special for the Leaps and Bounds festival on July 20th @ The Gem w/Rich Davies and Ayleen O’Hanlon & Miles and Simone.
15. Jeff Tweedy | Dawned On Me | Together At Last
- From new acoustic solo album of his older songs.
16. Justin Bernasconi | Careless Shells | Barefoot Wonderland
- Album launch tonight @ The Spotted Mallard w/The Weeping Willows.
17. Larissa Tandy | My Mother's Boyfriend | The Grip
- Touring Aus in June/July. Playing Melb on July 2nd @ The Gasometer w/Brooke Russell & The Mean Reds & Amarillo.
18. Jade Jackson | Troubled End | Gilded
- From debut album, released recently.

Closing Theme: Ashley Davies | To Carpentaria - Into The Unknown | The Expedition Burke & Wills



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