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Show #192 - Sgt. Peppers Special!

Radio City : Playlist for Thursday 1 June 2017

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Opening Theme: Eilen Jewell | Radio City | Queen Of The Minor Key

1. The Sweet Vandals | Thank You For You | Love Lite
- From Spanish band's 2nd album, released in 2009. This is a big Thank You to everybody who signed up during the last two weeks of radio festival. It's not over yet though. You can still sign up till June 30th and go into the draw for the major prizes! You can call on 8415 1067 or on the net at!
2. La Bastard | Do It Again | Trouble - From forthcoming album, released in July. Album launch @ The Gasometer w/The Sugarcanes + Shitsville.
3. The Ivory Elephant | Ho Ha | Live On Radio City for PBS Studio 5 Live [4/5/2017]
- Album launch on Sat night @ Cherry Bar w/My Left Boot, Devil Electric + Creek.
4. The Allman Brothers Band | Whipping Post | The Allman Brothers Band
- Keyboard player and vocalist for The Allman Brothers Band, Gregg Allman, passed away on May 27th, aged 69.

5. Cable Ties | Fishbowl | Cable Ties
- Debut album was released last Friday. They're doing 2 album launches starting with The Tote on June 23rd w/Various Asses, Other Places, Hexdebt + Crusie Control & The Curtin on July 15th w/No Sister, Loobs & Marville.
6. Wet Lips | See You Later | Wet Lips
- Debut album is released on June 30th. Album launch @ The Gasometer on July 22nd w/Terrible Truths, Pillow Pro and DJ Emoceans.
7. Baby Blue | Concentrate | In My Mind EP
- Baby Blue have just been announced to play a Studio 5 Live session on Homebrew next Monday, June 5th.
8. Aldous Harding | Blend | Party
- From 2nd album, released on May 19th.
9. Look Blue Go Purple | Winged Rumour | Still Bewitched
- Originally released on LBGPEP2 in 1986, Recently released on this compilation featuring all 3 EP's plus live tunes.


Sgt. Peppers Special featuring covers of (almost) all of the songs in order of their appearance on the original album to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its release!

10. The Jimi Hendrix Experience | Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band [Live] | The Jimi Hendrix Experience [Box Set]
- Excellent version, recorded live in Stockholm in 1967. Taken from this 4-CD Box Set, released in 2000.
11. Joe Cocker | With A Little Help From My Friends [Live At Woodstock] | Woodstock Soundtrack
- This version is much longer than the original and they really go all out towards the end. It's great in the Woodstock film too!
12. William Shatner | Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds | The Transformed Man
- From his debut album in 1968. Very over the top but kinda cool in a kitschy way.

13. Gomez | Getting Better | Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline
- From their b-sides and rarities album, released in 2000. Fairly true to the original but has a nice jammy ending.
14. The Flaming Lips & Electric W├╝rms | Fixing A Hole | With A Little Help From My Fwends
- From their track-for-track tribute to Sgt. Peppers, released in 2014 featuring collaborations with many bands and artists.
15. Harry Nilsson | She's Leaving Home | Pandemonium Shadow Show
- From Harry's second album, released only a few months after Sgt. Peppers, in 1967. Very similar to the original but Harry sings all the vocals, showing off his incredible voice.
16. George Martin [Feat. Billy Connolly] | Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite | In My Life
- From George's compilation of mainly Beatles songs with other artists, many of whom aren't recognized singers, released in 1998. This version is a bit over the top too but pretty cool.

17. Patti Smith | Within You Without You | Twelve
- Beautiful version of the one George Harrison contribution from Sgt. Peppers. Taken off Patti's covers album, released in 2007.
18. Easy Star All-Stars [Feat. Sugar Minott] | When I'm Sixty-Four | Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band
- Taken from reggae band's track-for-track tribute to Sgt. Peppers, released in 2009. They also released versions of Dark Side Of The Moon, OK Computer and Thriller.
19. Fats Domino | Lovely Rita | Fats Is Back
- Taken from Fats' 1968 album for the Reprise label. A cool, funkier version than the original.

20. The Triffids | Good Morning Good Morning | Sgt. Pepper Knew My Father [Compilation]/Jack Brabham 2010 #1
- Originally released on the 1988 tribute album for the NME. Later released on Jack Brabham and released in the box set Come Ride With Me.. Wide Open Road. This version is very different to the original but very cool.
21. The Waterboys | Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band [Reprise] | Fisherman's Box [Box Set]
- Taken from a box set featuring sessions from the Fisherman's Blues album sessions. This version of the reprise was recorded in 1987 and is over four times longer than the original! It's basically a jam session but it's great.
22. The Beatles | A Day In The Life [2017 Stereo Remix] | Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band [Deluxe Edition]
- I decided to finish with the original version of the momentous final track off the original album. However, this is a new remix by George Martin's son Giles and has just been released on the 50th anniversary deluxe edition of the album.


23. Liz Stringer | Feel It Now | All The Bridges
- Liz is going to be conducting an interviews series in June at The Gasometer called Liz Stringer's Big Tuesday String-A-Long. June 6th will be Dr. Lou Bennett, June 13th - Deborah Conway, June 20th - Neil Murray, June 27th - Mick Thomas. Including live performances.
24. Leah Senior | Black Limousine | Pretty Faces
- From her 2nd album, released in May. Album launch is @ The Toff In Town on June 17th w/The Luke Brennan Trip.

Closing Theme: Ashley Davies | To Carpentaria - Into The Unknown | The Expedition Burke & Wills



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