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All Our Stories - Nu Regime, Marita Rose & Ernie Gruner

All Our Stories : Playlist for Monday 27 July 2015

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Ngaiire | Once
Hailey Crammer | Shoes | Hailey Crammer EP
Thelma Plum | How Much Does Your Love Cost? | Monsters EP

Dan Sultan | Dirty Ground | Dirty Ground EP
Yirrmal | Deep Blue Sea | Visible 8
Cairns Murri Crew & Desert Pea Media | Built To Last | Song Nation Vol. 1

**Nu Regime live in the studio + tracks off their new album, launching this Saturday night at The Factory, 19-21 Belgium Avenue, Richmond 6-8pm**

Marietta Wilson & Sherelle Young | Little Flowers | Red Sand Culture
Alia gabres, Bizz & 2nd Thought | Seven Seas

Annastereo & Virginia Phiri | The Opaque Fleece | radio Continental Drift
Stone Karim Mohamad | Stone Mbollo
Gurrumul ft. Sarah Blaski | Bayini

Trinity Roots | Home Land & Sea
Tiki Taane | Tangaroa
Seaman Dan | Saltwater Country | Sailing Home

**Interview with Marita rose & Ernie Gruner about Our Climate: Personal stories, Global Change**

Te Karuo - Love Song | Traditional Kiribati | Spirit of Melanasia
Home Brew | Under the Shade

Tjupurru | Stomping Ground



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