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Bruxa Interview on Zen Arcade

Zen Arcade for Saturday 29 September 2012

Bruxa- Victimeyez

Summon up your best dance moves – literally, please, with rituals and incantations – for the newest release on Мишка Records, the debut album Victimeyez from Portland witch-step trio Bruxa. Three minds, connected by spirit and magic, inhabiting a singular sonic vessel. Bruxa is Derek Stilwell, SaintMichaelLorenzo, and Bianca Radd, and together they make dark dance music that flits between supernatural realms, synthesizing Stilwell and SaintMichael’s hip-hop production experience with the muse influence of the bewitching Radd.

Releasing their debut EP Eye On Everybody last year on Sweating Tapes, Bruxa fully embraced the possibilities of a post-witch house landscape, crafting occult and aggressive beats that were nonetheless eminently danceable. Victimeyez finds them refining that formula to a sharp point, whether it be on the roiling “Human Minds”, moombahton influenced “PaperWeight Pt. 1″, or foreboding cypher “Trill Witch.” Victimeyez is available for download now through Мишка Records, and will also see a cassette release on Sweating Tapes in October.

Tune in for Bruxa chatting to Pres Gang about the making of the album and their musical influences.

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