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Gappy Ranks interview ahead of his Melbourne show next Friday night

Babylon Burning : Playlist for Saturday 18 February 2012

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

THE CHOSEN BROTHERS - March Down Babylon (Wackies 10")
PRINCE DOUGLAS - March Down Babylon Dub (Wackies 10")
STEEL PULSE - Handsworth Revolution (Handsworth Revolution: Island)
ASWAD - I A Rebel Soul (Aswad: Island)
THE HEPTONES - Oh Jah (Observer)
GREGORY ISAACS - Uncle Joe (Cool Ruler: Virgin)
PRINCE FAR I - Brother Joe (Health and Strength: Pressure Sounds)
THE SEEKERS - Jah Jah Say (Stars)
THE ROYALS - My Sweat Turns To Blood (Trojan Rockers Box Set)
BURNING SPEAR - Tradition (Marcus Garvey: Island)
LITTLE JOE - Tradition Skank (If Deejay Was Your Trade: Blood and Fire)
SOWELL RADICS - Caution (Attack 12")
LINTON KWESI JOHNSON - License Fi Kill (More Time: LKJ Records) --request
MIDNITE - All People (In Awe: Fifth Son)
ETANA - August Town (Necessary Mayhem 7") --request
SIZZLA - Pretty Black Girl (Steady Flow riddim: GT Taylor) --request
KHAGO - Take Me As I Am (Steady Flow riddim: GT Taylor) --request
BOBBY HUSTLE - Search For It (Steady Flow riddim: GT Taylor) --request
ESCO LEVI - Do Good Everytime (Turnpike riddim: Pure Music)
GAPPY RANKS - Lord Have Mercy (Turnpike riddim: Pure Music)
DELLY RANX - If I Knew (Turnpike riddim: Pure Music)
LUTAN FYAH - Don't Wanna Be (Turnpike riddim: Pure Music)
GAPPY RANKS & DELLY RANX - Could A Run Away (Pure Music 7")
GAPPY RANKS - Mountain Top (Peckings 7")
GAPPY RANKS - Pumpkin Belly (Peckings 7")
GAPPY RANKS - Put The Stereo On (Peckings 7")
< phone interview with Gappy Ranks >
GAPPY RANKS - Long Time (Special Delivery)
GAPPY RANKS - Thanks and Praise (Thanks and Praise: Special Delivery)
GAPPY RANKS - Stinking Rich (Macro Beats)
GAPPY RANKS & RUSSIAN - Tun Up (Head Concussion)
GAPPY RANKS - Better Must Come (Thanks and Praise: Special Delivery)



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