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Fiesta Jazz latin, jazz & fusion with Saul Zavarce, Sat 11:00am - 1:00pm
Switched On swingin' lounge with Emma Peel, Sat 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Soulgroove'66 r'n'b & funky soul with Pierre Baroni, Sat 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Babylon Burning reggae & dancehall with Jesse I, Sat 5:00pm - 7:00pm

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PBS is a station about music. We keep you in touch with what is happening in your scene, locally and abroad, with interviews and live performances every week. PBS keeps everyone in the loop and contributes to keeping Melbourne the creative city it is with music at its core.

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Plus, everyone who signs up gets a PBS membership pack, which includes:

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DAYTIME TREATS is a compilation of tracks that are a little more laid-back with a mix of everything from acoustic roots-based music, through blues, world music, funk, soul and subtle electronica. The 'Daytime Treats' compilation reflects much of the music you can expect to hear during the day on PBS.

  1. Jen Cloher - Forgot Myself
  2. Camp Cope - The Opener
  3. Totally Mild - From One Another
  4. Jaala - Which Way
  5. La Bastard - Round And Round
  6. Eaten By Dogs - Dead Needs Company
  7. Freya Josephine Hollick - Tough As A Sundried Dead Man's Skin
  8. Rhiannon Giddens - Julie
  9. Apodimi Compania - Vlahiko Hasapiko (Trad.)
  10. Melbourne African Traditional Ensemble (MATE) - Trad. Ethiopian
  11. Lamine Sonko And The African Intelligence - Anthem
  12. The Senegambian Jazz Band - Musso
  13. Wilson Magnusson Collings - Choice Is Choice

MIDNIGHT SNACK is a compilation that reflects the harder edge of PBS content. From garage to doom, from punk-rock to metal and some epic guitar grooves, the 'Midnight Snack' compilation will suit those who like their music loud.

  1. Tropical F**k Storm - You Let My Tyres Down
  2. Mere Women - Drive
  3. School Damage - No Ideas
  4. Ubik - Piece of Mind
  5. Cable Ties - Say What You Mean
  6. MOD CON - Kidney Auction Blues
  7. feedtime - don't tell me
  8. NOTS - No Novelty
  9. Sand Pebbles - I Heard The Owl Call Out My Name
  10. Clowns - Destroy The Evidence
  11. Pissbolt - Bastard Cut
  12. Damnations Day - Dissecting The Soul
  13. Lucy Cliche - Sleazeburg
  14. Sleep D And Albrecht La'Brooy – Easey Street


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