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Jazz on Saturday jazz with Andrew Young, Sat 9:00am - 11:00am
Fiesta Jazz latin, jazz & fusion with Saul Zavarce, Sat 11:00am - 1:00pm
Switched On swingin' lounge with Emma Peel, Sat 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Soulgroove'66 r'n'b & funky soul with Pierre Baroni, Sat 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Go For Broke
Presented by Ken Eavel
This programme has been archived.

Prepare to follow Ken Eavel every Tuesday night along the tributaries & streams, rivers & swamps, bayous & bays of the musical world that have been musically influenced or turgidly touched by folks losing themselves in what they truly believe in and give their lives to, in order that we may be entertained and moved to the soul.

From the cotton fields, to the city studio glamour and glitz, or down the dusty trail that winds up on some straw-chewing hillbilly’s porch, the canal track that slogs down through the mud to the bayou swamp or along the sandy route down to the local surf break. The path along the sewer drain that winds up at the drop-out teenager's father’s garage, or down the freeway in the ‘59 Caddy to the high school ball or to a dead man’s homage. We’ll hear from gangsters & hobos, preachers & psychos, punks & monks, pranksters & lovers, soul sisters & brothers. From 2 bit town halls and back alley bars, from street corner buskers to fallen stars, from rock with real balls to rat-rodded cars, from punk, trash & mad blues, to cowboys from mars, from leopard skun gals, to blue suede shoes, hard liquor and stogies, to Cuban cigars. Everything from the Stupendous to the Sublime.

Be prepared to be occasionally shaken and shocked, as we jump not canyons or buses, but countless musical genres in a torrid trip with the soul intention of becoming lost in our own world of musical bliss and temporary insanity.
But I need you to grab a free ticket, which comes with your membership, and tune into 106.7 PBS FM to share the ride with me. Jump on board please people, we depart at 8:01pm and arrive at 10pm every Tuesday night.

I’m excited, I sure hope you are.

Email: (Email me and say gday!)


And hey all you band cats......please send me your CD's or Records if you think they might be suitable to my show, eg; (Blues, R&B, Country, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Trash, Garage, Folk, Soul, Surf, Punk & Rock & Roll) and I promise to you, at least I WILL listen. At least until I can't stand it (if it's real bad). But I will try. Just recently I forced myself to listen to a CD 3 times in a row in the hope that it would grow on me, but 1/2 way through the 3rd round, I hurried to the back lawn. One Kind Favour I'd ask from you is to PLEASE maybe take the time out of your evil-facebook day to read this here spiel, before you drop your music in.
Basically anything with a bit of soul, conviction and guts, please drop into PBS, become a member while you are there, (because bands who don't become members to PBS when its a measly $110 a year and we support you guys to the hilt!, just ain't hip), and leave it at the counter with the lovely lady or handsome chap, with my name on it, and I'll get it, or email me for further instructions if that doesn't suit your lifestyle.
PLEASE NOTE: I know it's nice & easy for you guys to send e-files or MP3's of your tracks to me, and it's cool cos it might save some plastic etc, but in the end, I have to burn it to disc anyway. HARD COPY CD'S & RECORDS will ALWAYS get FULL PRIORITY over e-files when it comes to sorting out what gets played on the show
AAAANNNDD...While I've got ya...I AM available to play record parties at places at the right negotiable price (good cowrie shells, a goat, wheel of cheese), so if you want quality entertainment on 100% vinyl, email me please and we shall TALK TURKEY. OK?..WORD!.

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