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Mon 25 Mar 2019

squaring circles.jpg
Mote - 'Hollow'
Tropical Fuck Storm - 'The Planet of Straw Men'
Buddy Nice - 'crumbz'
The Murlocs - 'Withstand'
Mavis Staples - 'Change'
Avey Tare - 'Saturdays (Again)'
The Mountain Goats - 'Cadaver Sniffing Dog'
Chris Cohen - 'Sweet William'
joni void - 'Abusers (with Sarah Pagé)'

Mon 18 Mar 2019

Chelsea Wilson Chasing Gold album tile.jpg
Chelsea WilsonChasing Gold
Holly Herndon - 'Eternal'
Two People - 'Phone Call'
Claude Fontaine - 'Pretending He Was You'
Loni Rae Thomson - 'Slowly'
laedj. - 'Search Engines'
Genesis Owusu - 'WUTD'
Honey 2 Honey - 'Under The Hangar'
Dan Sultan - 'Love & Hate'
Al Dobson Jr. - 'Malay Quarter'

Mon 11 Mar 2019

david bridie - the wisdom line.jpg
David BridieThe Wisdom Line
Hexdebt - 'Loops'
Kevin Morby - 'No Halo'
Clare Bowditch - 'Woman'
Huntly - 'Wiggle'
FERLA - 'I'm Fine'
Angie McMahon - 'Pasta'
Liluzu - 'I Think That'
Jess Ribeiro - 'Chair Stare'
Underworld & The Necks - 'Appleshine Continuum'

Mon 4 Mar 2019

sharon van etten.jpg
Sharon Van EttenRemind Me Tomorrow
Snarky Puppy - 'Bad Kids to the Back'
Gonzo - 'Put The Money'
Kate Bush - 'Rocket Man'
Synthetics - 'Nowhere To Go'
Nubiyan Twist - 'Sugar Cane feat. Nubiya Brandon'
Luluc - 'Sculptor'
Robert Forster – 'Inferno (Brisbane in Summer)'
Wu Cloud - 'Muqa's Dream'
Weyes Blood - 'Everyday'

Mon 25 Feb 2019

Julia JacklinCrushing
Aldous Harding - 'The Barrel'
Carla Geneve - '2001'
Peter Power - 'Silence & Reality feat. Jally & Alan Watts'
Baker Boy - 'Cool As Hell'
Group Gentra Madya - 'Sambal Lada (Hot Chilli)'
Cool Explosions - 'Glass Jars'
Dexter Story - 'Gold (feat. Sudan Archives)'
darvid thor - 'Anything'
Quivers - 'You're Not Always On My Mind'

Mon 18 Feb 2019

The Beasts
The BeastsStill Here
Ibibio Sound Machine - 'Tell Me (Doko Mien)'
Ocean Experiments - 'Antarctic'
Michael Chapman - 'Bon Ton Roolay'
Sunset Cities (So.Crates, Nelson Dialect & Jace XL) - 'Oh Baby'
Budos Band - 'Old Engine Oil'
Ex Hex - 'Cosmic Cave'
Traffik Island - 'Free 2 Be Free'
Sleeper and Snake - 'Sugar and Gold'
William Tyler - 'Our Lady of the Desert'

Mon 11 Feb 2019

marlon williams live.jpg
Marlon WilliamsLive at Auckland Town Hall
Aviva Endean - 'Solo Series #1'
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - 'Cyboogie'
Kelsey Lu - 'I'm Not in Love'
Hobsons Bay Coast Guard - 'Junkie'
Yann Tiersen - 'Pell'
Emily King - 'Remind Me'
Octo Octa - 'I Need You'
The Snakes - 'Snakes Bday'
Froth Whitlam - Blue Mountains

Mon 28 Jan 2019

olypmic girls tiny ruins.jpg
Tiny RuinsOlympic Girls
DRMNGNOW - 'Ancestors' ft Kee'ahn and River Boy
Planète - 'Hidden Shade'
Chaka Khan - 'Hello Happiness'
Parsnip - 'Feeling Small'
Slag Queens - 'Lynx Candle'
Cable Ties - 'Choking To Choose' (friendships Remix)
Julia Jacklin - 'Pressure To Party'
The Twilight Sad - 'VTr'
upsidedownhead - 'future loser' ft. E^ST

Mon 21 Jan 2019

Tiny RuinsHolograms
group A - 'Circulation'
Stephen Bailey - 'Hyde'
Easy Browns - 'Junk'
Cochemea - 'All My Relations'
Gary Clark Jr - 'This Land'
Capofortuna - 'MA NU'
Laura Imbruglia - 'The Creeps'
Vintage Crop - 'Company Man'
Shrimpwitch - 'Leerers'

Mon 14 Jan 2019

EWAH and The Vision of ParadiseBlack Horse
208L Containers - 'Feral Cats In The Tasmanian North-East'
Jay Mitta - 'Tatizo Pesa (feat. Dogo Janja)'
Sleep D - 'Centro'
Stella Donnelly - 'Old Man'
P-Unique & Krown - 'Change'
No Mandate - 'They Have No Mandate'
Alvaro Vildosola - 'Throat Song'
Victrola - 'Born From The Water'
Itzel - 'Mutiny'

Mon 17 Dec 2018

Marlon Williams
Marlon WilliamsMake Way For Love
Orquesta Akokán - Orquesta Akokán
Jon Hopkins - Singularity
Laura Jean - Devotion
Emily Wurramara - Milyakburra
Mojo Juju - Native Tongue
Ned Collette - Old Chestnut
Cash Savage and The Last Drinks - Good Citizens
NUN - The Dome

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