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Mon 14 Jan 2019

208L Containers - 'Feral Cats In The Tasmanian North-East'
Jay Mitta - 'Tatizo Pesa (feat. Dogo Janja)'
Sleep D - 'Centro'
Stella Donnelly - 'Old Man'
P-Unique & Krown - 'Change'
No Mandate - 'They Have No Mandate'
Alvaro Vildosola - 'Throat Song'
Victrola - 'Born From The Water'
Itzel - 'Mutiny'

Mon 17 Dec 2018

Marlon Williams
Marlon WilliamsMake Way For Love
Orquesta Akokán - Orquesta Akokán
Jon Hopkins - Singularity
Laura Jean - Devotion
Emily Wurramara - Milyakburra
Mojo Juju - Native Tongue
Ned Collette - Old Chestnut
Cash Savage and The Last Drinks - Good Citizens
NUN - The Dome

Mon 10 Dec 2018

The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra
The Public Opinion Afro OrchestraNaming and Blaming
Holly Herndon & Jlin (feat. Spawn) - 'Godmother'
Kamaal Williams (feat. Mansur Brown) - 'Snitches Brew'
Little Desert - 'Happy'
Immigrant Union - 'New Win'
Mikado Koko - 'Fobidden Colors (jaçira Remix)'
Time For Dreams - 'Move It (Dream Kit 'Come With Me' Remix)'
Damu The Fudgemunk - 'Victorious'
The Beasts - 'On My Back'
Sascha Funke & Niklas Wandt - 'Die Säge'

Mon 3 Dec 2018

Bokanté + Metropole OrkestWhat Heat
Sampa The Great - 'Energy (feat. Nadeem Din-Gabisi)'
Mt. Mountain - 'Cathedral'
Kllo - 'Candid'
Kerbside Collection - 'Traffic'
Slag Queens - 'Waterfall'
Parsnip - 'Winter'
Alejandro Escovedo - 'Footsteps in the Shadows'
Pinty - 'Tropical Bleu'
Danny Barwick - 'Mikolka'

Mon 26 Nov 2018

Grand Salvo
Grand SalvoSea Glass
Marlon Williams - 'Beautiful Dress'
Easy Browns - 'Mammal Love'
Dwiki Dharmawan - 'Tjampuhan'
aYia - 'Slow'
Stringtronics - 'Tropicola'
upsidedownhead - 'Get Low ft. Ric Rufio'
Denise Le Menice - 'Heart'
The Pinheads - 'Not Like You'
Vertigo - 'Neglect'

Mon 19 Nov 2018

Connan Mockasin feature record
Connan MockasinJassbusters
Timeshare - 'Fingers Crossed Behind Our Back'
Bitch Diesel - 'Void'
Cyanide Thornton - 'Violin Song'
Cool Explosions - 'Runaway'
The Scorpions & Saif Abu Bakr - 'Saat Alfarah'
The Native Cats - 'Olivia'
Rival Consoles - 'Them Is Us'
Michele Mercure - 'An Accident Waiting To Happen'
Populous - 'Alala (El Búho Remix)'

Mon 12 Nov 2018

The Putbacks
The PutbacksSelf-titled
On Diamond - 'How'
Magpie - 'I Say Yes'
Surfbort - 'Slushy'
Bruce - 'Æon'
Arctic Monkeys - 'One Point Perspective'
Charles Bradley - 'Can't Fight the Feeling'
Kev Brown - 'Strictly Hardcore Bboy'
Civic - 'Pleasure'
Inner Harmony - 'Da Lub Club'

Mon 5 Nov 2018

Julia Holter - 'Words I Heard'
Mytron & Ofofo - 'Lebanese Red Bird'
Deerhunter - 'Death In Midsummer'
HEXDEBT - 'Covenant'
The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra - 'Fight So Hard'
Sam Wilkes - 'Tonight'
Liars - 'Murdrum'
Jackson Reid Briggs and the Heaters - 'Waiting and Ugly'
Käse Kochen - 'Elegy Of Belonging'

Mon 29 Oct 2018

Cookin On 3 Burners S5L
Cookin on 3 BurnersLab Experiments Vol. 2
Khruangbin - 'Christmas Time is Here'
Laneous - 'Modern Romance'
Sébastien Léger - 'Satellite'
Pistol Peaches - 'Back II Hell'
Alpha Hall - 'Forgetting Room'
Beach House - 'Alien'
Hobsons Bay Coast Guard - 'Wannabe'
Squaring Circles - 'Anergyne'
Des Demonas - 'Bay Of Pigs'

Mon 22 Oct 2018

cat power.jpg
Cat PowerWanderer
Jasmin Kaset and Quichenight - 'A Single Right Word'
Tiana Khasi - 'Nuketown'
Dominique Dumont - 'Quand'
Kikagaku Moyo - 'Nazo Nazo'
Behemoth - 'Wolves ov Siberia'
Soft Rubbish - 'Landline'
Uone - 'Sands of Time ft. Sleeping Genie'
Moaning Lisa - 'Lily'
Arutani - 'Irreality'

Mon 15 Oct 2018

Kurt Vile 2018
Kurt VileBottle It In
Lazer Baby - 'So Lonely'
Bear The Mammoth - 'Eyes Still'
Handsome - 'Save Some Love'
Andre Agony - 'Evil Brain'
Planète - 'Invisible Cities'
Harvey Sutherland - 'Amethyst Ft. Nubya Garcia'
Fatima - 'Dang'
Straight Arrows - 'Out and Down'
Sex On Toast - 'Think I'm In Love'

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