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Ian Parsons's blog

The hills (and everything else) are alive with the music of sound!

You certainly can't blame Julie Andrews for being taken in by the sound of music as she frolicked through the Austrian Alps.

About the things we thought were no good

As a society, there is a lot that we discard – things, ideas, people – but, over the past fifty years or so, musicians and composers have found some amazingly creative ways of showing us just how some

The things you thought were no good

We discard so much. It has been estimated recently that, at least in the rich countries of the West, close to half the food we produce is thrown away.

Music undressed and redressed

In the latest edition of The Sound Barrier, the focus was on stripping music down to some of its rawest elements, its barest bones, and then b

Music without its clothes on

Probably some of the most intensely emotional music ever written was written by the great romantic composers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

A Sound Barrier 2012 Retrospective

With the final 2012 edition of The Sound Barrier falling on New Year's Eve, the opportunity to bring to the airwaves my own personal tradition

New Year's Eve - A Sound Barrier Musical Retrospective for 2012

One of the many, many great things about presenting music on Melbourne's 3 PBS FM is that you get to share things with people. Music, thoughts, discoveries. And traditions.

Opera - deconstructed, reconstructed!

The latest edition of The Sound Barrier was all about opera. But not opera as we have perhaps come to know it.

The many faces of improvisation

In the most recent edition of The Sound Barrier we journeyed into the role of improvisation in music.

Music in the moment

Like so many things in music – like so many things in life, really – categories can be such limiting things: restricting, boxing in, the ways we listen to and understand what we're hearing.

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