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Ian Parsons's blog

Back from Bach

31st March this year marked the 333rd anniversary of the birth of Johann Sebastian Bach.

The gentle haze between past and present: Morton Feldman's Triadic Memories

You can check out the playlist and audio for details of all the recordings played on this week's show, as well as listen back to them!

The dialectic of dialogue

When two musicians, or two strands of music, come together, what sort of relationship do they build with one another?

Women composing beyond the barriers

It can sometimes be easy to think that by breaking one set of boundaries and barriers, we break them all – but we rarely do.

Saxophone and cello - beyond themselves, beyond us.

Tonight's edition of The Sound Barrier came about by the pure chance of an email, when Melbourne saxophonist and sound artis

Layers upon layers: Alex Raineri makes big music at Mt Macedon

Coming up next week in the beautiful Mount Macedon, on the northern outskirts of Melbourne, Queensland pianist Alex Raineri will be popping down to present

Does that have a tune?

When does a bunch of sounds stop being just a bunch of sounds and become a tune? It seems to be one of those things where we place the bar even higher than we do for music.

The shifts of current and the turns of the wheel.

Even in music that seeks to be at the vanguard of experimentation it can be surprisingly easy to fall into established, familiar, comfortable patterns.

Ossicle, earth, stars, and eight very frenzied octaves

The Music Master of Hermann Hesse's novel The Glass Bead Game remarked to the young Josef Knecht that there is no better way for people to become friends than to make music together.

Forwards to the past: what do Terry Riley's 'In C' and Stockhausen's STIMMUNG say to us today?

We should always be wary of being too reductionist when we look at things, and especially when we look at history.

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